Step 1 : Register on ESL Play and download PUBG Mobile

In order to participate in the tournament, all you need is an ESL account and the game on your phone, you can download it for free from the App Store or from Google Play.

Step 2 : Create your team

After registering and linking your account, the team captain needs to create a team. All you need to do is to go HERE and click the "create team" button.

Once it's done, a new team will appear on THIS PAGE.

Next to it you will see a gear icon - click on it and then press the "manage team" button. On this page, among other things, you can find a link you can send your teammates, so they can join you.

Step 3: Join any qualifier

Step 4 : Compete!

When matches begin, you will need to head to your match page to find your game lobby's ID and password. TO GET NOTIFIED ON WHEN YOUR LOBBIES START, JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER .