Quick Rules

  • 1. You need to register an ESL account
  • 2. Create a team with your friend or teammate
  • 3. Enter your PUBG ID on the right side in the widget. This MUST be your actual ID in-game, otherwise you will be unable to receive any points for your kills.
  • 4. Enter your roster via "Manage roster"
  • 5. Sign up with your team
  • Sign up is not possible, only qualified teams can play
  • The matches will be played across two days
  • First BO5:
    • 19.09.19 starting at 19:00 CEST
  • Second BO5:
    • 21.09.19 starting at 19:00 CEST
Round 1 (BO10)
  • Round 1: 1 Group - 3 Teams in total advance into the season as part of the diamond division.
  • Best of 10 Matches - SQUAD earns points for their placement and kills
  • Teams - 4 players per team (3 out of 4 needs to be located in the DACH region - the other player need to be located in the EU), two subs are allowed.
  • The given roster will qualify for the Season.
  • Points distribution can be found in the full rules accessible here
  • Please join the ESL PUBG Discord channel to get all the information you need for the tournament.
  • Lobby name and Password will be published in your match lobby here on the cup pages, accessible through the tournament widget on the right side when matches are created.
  • Server region: Europe
  • Game mode: First Person Perspective
  • Map 1: Miramar
  • Map 2: Miramar
  • Map 3: Erangel
  • Map 4: Erangel
  • Map 5: Erangel


The map settings are extensively modified. You can find them at the full rules here


Each team member should take end-of-game screenshots of their results in case of any disputes and/or technical difficulties in the lobbies. Failure to provide said screenshots when requested can lead to disciplinary action and/or loss of points.


All players must have the replay function enabled.

If you have problems, or notice any issues, please contact the admins IMMEDIATELY. You can reach us via Discord for quick questions, for everything else please open a support ticket


Bist du zum ersten Mal hier? Hier die wichtigsten Schritte:

  • Folge den Anweisung auf der rechten Seite, um dich anzumelden bzw deinen Slot zu bestätigen.
  • Wenn das Check-In System benutzt wird, bestätige deine Anmeldung rechtzeitig.
  • Warte bis das erste Match auf der rechten Seite erscheint.
  • Nimm Kontakt mit deinem Gegner auf und spiele das Match.
  • Trage das Ergebnis ein und bitte deinen Gegner, das Ergebnis zu bestätigen.
  • Warte auf dein nächstes Match.

Noch Fragen? Benutze während des Cups den Chat, falls verfügbar, ansonsten kontaktiere bitte unseren Support.

Sollte es ein Problem in einem Match geben, öffne bitte einen Protest.