ESL PUBG Masters: Spring

Get your chance to fight against the pros in upcoming PUBG competition.
Pair up with your friends and join us in the ESL PUBG Masters Qualifiers where you will battle for cash prizes and glory against the professional teams. Don't waste your chance and sign up now! 

Tournament format details

  • Qualifiers: open for every team.
    • Sign ups limited to 256 teams - first come, first served
    • 3-days phase with 3 rounds
    • Each team plays 6 matches per round, half of the teams are out after each round
    • 16 teams advance to the Stage 1 (TOP4 from each group) 
  • Stage 1: 16 teams from Qualifiers fight for the best rank in Stage 2.
    • 2-days phase with 16 teams
    • Teams play 6 matches per day (12 maps total)
    • This stage is being used to determine ranks (9-24) for Stage 2
  • Stage 2: 24 teams (8 invited teams and 16 teams from Stage 1) will fight for their spot in the Grand Finals.
    • 2-days phase with 24 teams
    • Teams play 4 maps per day
    • Winner winner, chicken dinner format is used: every winner from each of the 8 matches advances to the Grand Finals. For every next match a new team enters the group in ranking order determined in Stage 1
    • The remaining 16 teams play the Last Chance phase for an additional opportunity to join the Grand Finals
  • Last Chance: the bottom 16 teams from Stage 2 play for one last opportunity to advance to the Grand Finals.
    • 2-days phase with 16 teams
    • Teams play 4 matches on first day and 6 matches on second day
    • TOP8 teams advance to the Grand Finals
  • Grand Finals: the best 16 teams will compete for prize money and glory.
    • 3-days phase with 16 teams
    • Teams play 6 matches per day (18 maps total)

Please check the rulebook for the complete tournament information.

Past Masters Tournaments


Grand Finals:

Place Reward
medal_gold_3.png 1st $12,500 USD
medal_silver_3.png 2nd  $7,500 USD
medal_bronze_3.png 3rd $6,000 USD
medal_grey.png 4th $5,000 USD
medal_grey.png 5th $4,000 USD
medal_grey.png 6th $3,000 USD
medal_grey.png 7th $2,500 USD
medal_grey.png 8th $2,000 USD
medal_grey.png 9th-10th $1,500 USD
medal_grey.png 11th-12th $1,000 USD
medal_grey.png 13th-14th $750 USD
medal_grey.png 15th-16th $500 USD