PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Charity Challenge Qualifiers

The PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Charity Challenge Qualifiers are here!

ESL is proud to host the qualifiers for the PlayerUnknown’s Charity Challenge! 64 players will make their way to the offline finals. Half of those players will be invited influencers and the other half could be you! The final event will be played during Gamescom in Cologne, Germany on the 23rd to 25th of August 2018.

The qualifiers will feature:
  • 11 regions throughout Europe
  • Check in spots for individual tournaments are limited depending on your region
    • CIS (400 check ins)
    • France (400 check ins)
    • Germany (no limit)
    • Italy (400 check ins)
    • Nordic (400 check ins)
    • Poland (400 check ins)
    • South-East Europe (400 check ins)
    • Spain (400 check ins)
    • Turkey (400 check ins)
    • UK (400 check ins)
    • Rest of Europe (no limit)
  • All spots first-come-first-serve during the check in phase


Two stages of online qualifiers on the map Erangel:
  • Round 1 - 4 Regional open qualifiers (25 best players go through from each) that lead to an online final round
  • Round 2 - 100 player final qualifier which will lead to the best players from the region to go through to Gamescom*
Gamescom main event on the map Sanhok:
  • 64 players, 32 influencers and 32 players from the online qualifiers (We are matching each qualified player with an Influencer)
  • Played in Cologne, Germany, Thursday 23rd of August to Saturday 25th of August 2018
*Number of players depending on the region

Please read the important travel information below before scrolling down to go to the Qualifiers.

How do we split the 32 qualified players from the regions?


Each region has 4 open qualifiers, where the top 25 players qualify for the region's final qualifier. The winners of the final qualifier are invited to play with an influencer during Gamescom. Here is a detailed list of how many players will be invited per region.
  • Rest of Europe: 4 Players
  • France: 4 Players
  • Germany: 4 Players
  • Nordic: 4 Players
  • Italy: 2 Players
  • Poland: 2 Players
  • Russia & CIS: 2 Players
  • Southeast Europe: 2 Players
  • Spain: 3 Players
  • Turkey: 2 Players
  • United Kingdom: 3 Players

Tournament Dates

Region1st Qualifier2nd Qualifier3rd Qualifier4th QualifierFinal Qualifier
Russia & CIS2.
Southeast Europe3.
United Kingdom4.
Rest of Europe4.

IMPORTANT! Travel requirements

Please do not sign up to the tournament unless you are at least 16 years old and absolutely certain you will be able to attend the offline final event!

The PlayerUnknown’s Charity Challenge takes place in Germany from Tuesday 21st of August to Saturday 25th of August. To attend the main event you must be able to travel to and stay in Germany for at least 21st of August to 25th of August.

For most players residing outside of Germany this will mean having at least an up to date passport with at least 6 months validity from August 21st and having some kind of visa or visa waiver for Germany or be part of the eligible countries without visa. If in doubt please check VisaHQ and with your local government.

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