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Duration3 yearsone time upgrade3 years
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Playercard General

What is the Trusted ESL Playercard?
How can I get a Trusted ESL Playercard?
How much is a Trusted ESL Playercard?
What advantages does the Trusted ESL Playercard offer?
What happens with my personal data?
Can I change my personal data?
What will happen with the Trust-Level in the future?
I cannot access my account!

Trusted Level 3

How can I get Trust-Level 3?
Where do I send my letter?
How much do I pay for Trust-Level 3?
What kinds of ID are accepted?
How long does it take to get Trust-Level 3?
What happens to the copy of my ID card and the letter?
Can I also fax or e-mail the copy of my ID card?
Do I have to send a new copy of my ID card after three years have passed?

Trusted Pro

What is Trusted Pro?
How can I get Trusted Pro?
Costs and duration of Trusted Pro
The advantages of Trusted Pro
Voraussetzungen für Trusted Pro
Mit dem E-POSTBRIEF in wenigen Schritten zu Trusted Pro