Philipp 'Schame' Hölzgen  id: 930531

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Awards in CSS:


1st @ 2on2 CSS InGame CUP
2nd @ 2on2 CSS InGame Finale
5th-8th @ 2on2 GIGA Grandslam Spring
1st @ 3on3 Euroesports-CUP
2nd @ 5on5 h4u-CUP
3rd @ 5on5 Onlinequalifikation for WCG
1st @ 5on5 p!a-CUP 2 times

2nd @ 2on2 Thorne-Lan XXL (300 Mann)
1st @ 5on5 Dudenhofenlan (200 Mann)
1st @ 5on5 WWCL Finals (Season 8)
3rd @ 5on5 Fighternight (500 Mann)
XXX @ 5on5 WCG2005 (Qualifier)
1st @ 5on5 BKXXL (500 Mann)

Notice this:

The Place that you Play and where you stay looks like one great big alleyway. YouŽll admire all the number book takers. Thugs Pimps and Pushers and the Big Money Makers. Driving big cars, spending 20s and 10s and you want to grow up to be just like them.

My History:

team Alkohol (lan clan only)
goodfellas (Player,Management)
team Armageddon (Player, Management)
mystical Lambda (Player, Management)
Mousesports (Markting, Mainorga)
Esports.United (Management)
myRuSh (Player)
dRagonality (Player)
BeverlyHolzKillers (Player)