Dmitry 'Tony'Greezy' Ovchinnikov  id: 9195087
CPU None ;3
RAM None ;3
Videocard None ;3
Soundcard None ;3
Storage None ;3
Motherboard None ;3
Display None ;3
OS None ;3
Antivirus None ;3
CD/DVD None ;3
Mouse None ;3
Mouse Skatez None ;3
Mousepad None ;3
Keyboard None ;3
Headphones None ;3
Connection None ;3
Wheel/Pedals None ;3
Joypad None ;3
TV None ;3
Sound system None ;3
Console(s) None ;3
Handheld(s) None ;3
Mobile Phone None ;3
Drink Brandy, Beer, Vodka.
Food A lot.
Movie Django, Shutter island, Lefty, Class, Invisible.
Music Alternative rock, Industrial metal, Trance.
Song Imagine Dragons - Thunder
Book White beam, black ear.
Book author Pushkin.
Person Known.
Actor / Actress Statham.
Car Lamborghini.
Sport Billiards.
Athlete No.
Map Satelite.
Clan Penta.
Player All the little.
Game Hero Black Mamba.
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) The Humans, Orcs.
Genre Shooter.
Console PS4.
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Website 4
The only thing in life achieved without effort is failure.
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All is well.