Arad 'k1mchi' Eliyahu  id: 8279227

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Achievements -

->3th Place on Dignitas Cup 2 - Guardians
->3th Place on ESL Series A - Granted
->2nd Place on last chance Cup CA - Legion.B
->3th Place on Winter Cup CA - Legion.B
->2nd Place on 3vs3 CTF CA - Team jEWE
->Qualified to the ESS SF2 Guardians
->Qualified to the AllStars Cup SF2 - Guardians
->3th Place on the AllStars Qualifiers Cup SF2 - Guardians
->2nd Place Qualifier #1 of the Autunm cup SF2 - Digital - Insanity
->3/4 place in Allstar cup Grandfinals - GRANTED
->Qualified to the Country Championship Playoffs- Israel
->Top 10 CS:GO 1vs1 Aim Ladder 11W-0L

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Money - Earned
600 Euro