Sixquatre  id: 7702850
CPU Intel 6700k
RAM 16Gb
Videocard Asus Strix GTX980
Soundcard Motherboard
Storage 2 SSD + 5 TO HDD
Motherboard Z170 Pro Gaming
Display Asus @ 144h
OS Windows 10
Antivirus None, never.
CD/DVD What is that ?
Mouse Logitech G400s
Mouse Skatez Nope
Mousepad Yunktis Celdila Pro
Keyboard Logitech 710+
Headphones Corsair Vengeance V2
Connection Fiber 100/100mb
Wheel/Pedals None
Joypad Xbox 360
Sound system Nope
Console(s) Nope !
Handheld(s) dafuq ?
Mobile Phone Samsung
Drink Milk !
Food Pasta
Movie Léon
Music All
Song Every one
Book Rainbow Six
Book author Tom Clancy fan
Person Me.
Actor / Actress Tom hardy
Car Scooter.
Sport eSport
Athlete Cyberathlete
Map Consulate
Clan Yunktis
Player Me
Game Hero Me
Favourite Websites
Website 1
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Twitter : @Sixquatre
Twitch : Sixquatre