Nicolas 'rivaL' BOSCH  id: 750388
CPU Intel core i4
RAM 4.00GO
Videocard Nvidia
Soundcard Nvidia
Storage 2Tb
Motherboard n/c
Display Samsung 2233 120hz
OS Seven
Mouse Logitech
Mousepad SteelSeries
Keyboard Logitech
Headphones Razer
Connection Free
TV Samsung plasma 127cm
Sound system 5.1
Console(s) xbox360
Mobile Phone iPhone 4s
Drink Coca-cola light
Food Salade micro-onde
Movie Band of brothers
Music Muse
Song New born
Book Poker
Book author Hitler
Person Noé
Actor / Actress Nicole Kidman
Car Ford Mustang
Sport Bodybuilding
Athlete Branch Warren
Founder of community 3DMAX.Poker