Remo 'ferret' Bachmann  id: 696257
CPU AMD Athlon 2200+
RAM 768 DDR Kingston
Videocard GeForce 4 Ti 4400
Soundcard Onboard
Storage 160 GB + 80 GB
Motherboard Asus A7V8X
Display Flatron 19° TFT
OS Windows XP Professional
Mouse Logitech MX 510
Mouse Skatez -
Mousepad Everglide Ricocher white
Keyboard Logitech...
Headphones Sennheiser PC 150
Connection 768 kb/s
Wheel/Pedals -
Joypad -
TV -
Sound system -
Console(s) PS3
Handheld(s) -
Drink Sex on the Beach
Food Lasagne
Movie The Rock
Music Hard Rock, Gothic Rock, HC
Song Neophyte - Muil Houwe
Book Shining
Book author Stephen King
Person Jasmin Fräfel
Actor / Actress Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie
Car Lamborghini Diablo
Sport Badminton
Athlete Maurice Green
Map de_any
Clan Norway over America
Player frod
Game Hero NoA
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Orcs
Console PS3
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Schweigen ist ein Argument, welches man nur sehr schlecht widerlegen kann!