Jakeizi  id: 6057570
CPU 512 MHz ¼ Cores
RAM 256 MHz
Videocard Paper
Soundcard Car Engine
Storage Floppy Disk
Motherboard She Died =(
Display Black and White 2"
OS Windows DOS
Antivirus Personal Bodyguard (sister)
CD/DVD Ash Tray
Mouse Touch Screen
Mousepad Sand Paper
Keyboard On-screen Keyboard
Headphones MP3 Player
Connection Hampster on Treadmill
Mobile Phone Nokia 3210
Drink Cup of Tea - 2 sugars pls
Food Pringles
Movie Thomas the Tank Engine Deleted Scenes
Music ambiencex's Singing <3
Book Fifty Shades of Grey
Book author Me
Person ambiencex <3
Actor / Actress Mmmm... ambiencex <3
Car Old Banger
Sport WarRock
Athlete ambiencex
Map Cadoro
Clan Cryption
Player Pfft, ambiencex? <3
Game Hero ambiencex... <3
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) FFS I LOVE AMBIENCEX OK???
Genre Jackie Chan
Console Computer
Favourite Websites
Website 1 http://www.warrock.net