Christian 'cri' Saum  id: 481219
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
RAM 4096 MB DDR2-800 RAM
Videocard 1024MB Nvidia Geforce GT250
Soundcard SoundBlaster Audigy 2.1 ZS
Storage 500 GB SATA-II 7.200 U/min.
Motherboard Gigabyte EP43-DS3L
Display Samsung T220 22"
OS Windows 7 Ultimate
CD/DVD LG 20x DVD-Brenner
Mouse Logitech MX518
Mousepad Steel QcK+
Keyboard Logitech Media Keyboard
Headphones Sennheiser HD555
Connection Clever Kabel 100Mbit
Drink Milk
Food Rice
Movie American Gangster, Shooter
Music Blumentopf
Song Party Safari
Book I hope they serve beer in hell
Book author Tucker Max
Actor / Actress Mark Wahlberg,Denzel Washington
Car Mini
Sport Basketball
Athlete -
Map cs_estate
Player knoxville
Genre Action Shooter
Console snes
Favourite Websites
Website 1

Sometimes living in a world like this
It's pretty hard not to go insane
Not pretty if you don't comply
Pretty easy if you don't complain
Stand there like you don't feel pain
No tears in the face of defeat
Pretend til the end that you don't feel change
Don't admit that your faith is weak
Don't say that you feel like dying
Life's hard and it feels like diamonds
Your home's just far too gone
Much too late to even feel like trying
Can't understand what I'm saying
Can't figure out what I'm implying
If you feel you don't wanna be alive
You feel just how I am
I'm on the dark side
And you can't come find him
How when it's light all around you
Yeah, But it's dark all inside him
No winners when it's me against me
One of us just ain't gonna survive
My heart been broke for a while
Your's been the one keepin' me alive

This world is such a fucked up place
My mind's such a fucked up shape
Everything down here sucks
Maybe what's up there is great
We all gotta go one day
I just wanna cut to the chase
I wanna stop these nightmares
I just wanna touch her face
All you see is all my feats (feets)
All you see is all my flaws
All I hear is all my demons
Even through your applause
All you see is all my flights
Well all I see is all my falls
All you see is all my rights
All I see is all my wrongs
Door, keep telling me to fight
Gun on my table telling me to come home
Telling me to to put him inside my hand
Then put it up right next to my dome
Door keep telling me to find a reason
Anything to keep me from squeezing
Simplest things, yea you really like summer
You really like music, you really like reading love
I can't win if it's me against me
One of us ain't gonna survive
And my heart been broke for a while
Your's been the one keepin' me alive