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I follow a goal and I dont want surrender! Played inside the darkness without gains. Light and heat, thats my personality.. let me try to reach one of the best player, thats my way.. my one and only!

History CS1.6

AimLooser Amateur Series 3rd Division (2010)
(Numb, Pi, Butcher, raaffy, n0t0, daN aka DaToG)


CS 1.6
JOBCENTER 4n4 int top 35
Umbrella Corporation 3n3 int top 30
Counter-Strike Nightcup MR15 - 1on1 - 05.04.12 #3
Counter-Strike 1on1 AIM Europe #295

Looking for Amateur Team in 2018, whisper me if you are interested.

League of Legends

Peak Gold 1
AD-Player Since season 6 (#878 mf of 1000)
1on1 LoL EUWest #29 of 121