Kevin 'Domin' Van Hove  id: 3604747
Drink Ice Tea, Red Bull, Looza Ace, ALCOHOLIC DRINKS <3
Food Pizza, Pitta, Mcdonalds, Steak(!), And much more..
Movie A Nightmare On Elm Street, Crimi Clowns...
Music Speedcore, Terror, Hardcore, Crossbreed, Doomcore
Song Gabba Front Berlin - Bloodstorm
Actor / Actress Jessica Alba <3
Car Audi r8, BMW M3, Nissan Skyline GT-R
Sport Im not a sport type, but i like MMA
Athlete Mustang Wanted
Map Own Opdal
Genre FPS, Race, Fight Games
Console PC
Domin @ Trackmania
P41n3tr4t1on @ Battlefield 3, 4, Hardline
The Undertaker @ Rocket League