Udo 'scylla' Terwelp  id: 3529140
Videocard 2
Soundcard 1
Storage 2
Motherboard 1
Display 1
OS 1
Antivirus 1
Mouse 1
Mouse Skatez 4
Mousepad 1
Keyboard 1
Headphones 1
Connection 16000+
Wheel/Pedals 2
Joypad 1
TV 3
Sound system 1
Console(s) 6
Handheld(s) 2
Drink wasn des jetz schon wieder?
Food whut?!
Movie viele...
Song bla bla bla
Book rofl? verfilmte ftw :D
Book author wtf?! zeitverschwender!!!!
Person hm...
Actor / Actress Fräulein Schmit
Car toyota supra
Sport muay thai, shotokan
Map 3
Player xD
Favourite Websites
Website 1 http://humanorchestra.com
Website 2 http://4fuckr.com
Website 3 http://meerwasserforum.in..
Website 4 http://kampfkunst-board.i..
Im net sind sie alle starq!!
#1 ex DLM Spiler

In the words of the ancients, one should
make his decisions within the space of seven
breaths. It is a matter of being deteimined
and having the spirit to break right trough
to the other side.


When one has made a descision to kill a person,
even if it eill be very diffivult to succeed by
advancing straight ahead, it will not to do
think about going at in a long roundabout
way. The Way of the paiN is one of immediacy,
and it is the best to dash in headlong.


Our bodies are given life from the midst of
nothingness. Existing where there is nothing
is the meaning of the phrase, "From is emptiness."
That all things are provided for
by nothingness is the meaning of the phrase,
"Emptiness is from." One should not think
that these are twi separate things.


There is surely nothing other than the single
purpose of the present moment. A man's
whole life is a succession of moment after
moment. If one fully understands the present
moment, there will be nothing else to do,
and nothing else to pursue.


There is something to be learned from rainstorm.
When meeting with a sudden shower, you try
not to get wet and run quickly along the road.
By doing such things as passing under the eaves
of houses, you still get wet. When you are
resolved from the beginning, you will not be
perplexed, though you will still get same soaking.
This understanding extends to all things.


It is said that what is called "the spirit of an age"
is something to which one cannot return.
That this spirit gradualy dissipates is due to
the world's coming to an end. For this reason,
although one would like to change today's
world back to the spirit of one hundred years or
morge ago, it cannot be done. Thus it is important
to make the best out of every generation.


The end is important, of all things.

Streite niemals mit einem Idioten; er wird dich auf sein Niveau bringen und dann mit Erfahrung schlagen!

Noob cheater

9 von 10 Stimmen in meinen Kopf
sagen, dass ich verrückt bin.
Die 10. summt die Tetris-Musik.

herlich, einfach nur geil -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiP0C7d5JcY

Danke fürs vorbeischaun


Never argue with an idiot
he will push you down at
his level and beat ya by

okay? also schweige!

Ein Optimist ist ein Mensch, der ein Dutzend Austern bestellt, in der Hoffnung, sie mit der Perle, die er darin findet, bezahlen zu können.

ιcн вιɴ wιe ιcн вιɴ. dιe eιɴeɴ ĸeɴɴeɴ мιcн, dιe αɴdereɴ ĸöɴɴeɴ мιcн.