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05.12.10, Alienware Finals (Cologne, Germany, Tanzbrunnen)

02.05.15, ESL Meisterschaft Finals Spring 2015 (Duisburg, Germany, Landschaftspark)
20.06.15, ESL One Frankfurt 2015 (Frankfurt, Germany, Commerzbank Arena)
02.08.15, ESL One Cologne 2015 (Cologne, Germany, Lanxess Arena)
08.08.15, ESL Arena powered by Twitch (Cologne, Germany, Gamescom)
04.12.15, ESL Meisterschaft Finals Winter 2015 (Krefeld, Germany, Take TV Studio)
19.12.15, Intel Extreme Masters Cologne (Cologne, Germany, ESL Studio)

07.05.16, ESL Meisterschaft Finals Spring 2016 (Duisburg, Germany, Landschaftspark)
19.06.16, ESL One Frankfurt 2016 (Frankfurt, Germany, Commerzbank Arena)
08.07.16, ESL One Cologne 2016 (Cologne, Germany, Lanxess Arena)
19.08.16, ESL Meisterschaft Finals Summer 2016 (Cologne, Germany, Gamescom)
06.12.16, ESL Meisterschaft Finals Winter 2016 (Duisburg, Germany, Landschaftspark)
07.05.17, ESL Meisterschaft Finals Spring 2017 (Duisburg, Germany, Landschaftspark)

07.07.17, ESL One Cologne 2017 (Cologne, Germany, Lanxess Arena)
05.08.17, ESL Meisterschaft Semifinals Summer 2017 (Krefeld, Germany, Take TV Studio)
26.08.17, ESL Meisterschaft Finals Summer 2017 (Cologne, Germany, Gamescom 2017)
28.10.17, ESL One Hamburg 2017 (Hamburg, Germany, Barclaycard Arena)
04.11.17, Match of the Season (Krefeld, Germany, Take TV Studio)
08.12.17, ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals (Odense, Denmark, Sparekassen Fyn Arena)
16.12.17, ESL Meisterschaft Finals Winter 2017 (Stuttgart,
Geramny, Carl Benz Arena)

05.02.18, IEM Season XII (PyeongChang, South Korea)
24.02.18, ESL One Katowice (Katowice, Poland, Spodek Arena)
02.05.18, IEM Katowice (Katowice, Poland, Spodek Arena)
07.04.18, ESL Meisterschaft Spring Finals (Düsseldorf, Germany Castello Arena)
18.05.18, ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals (Dallas, USA Verizon Theatre)
06.07.18, ESL One Cologne 2017 (Cologne, Germany, Lanxess Arena)
20.07.18, IOC & GAISF Esports Forum (Lausanne, Switzerland, Olympic Museum)
22.08.18, ESL Arena (Cologne, Germany, Gamescom)
26.10.18, ESL One Hamburg 2018 (Hamburg, Germany, Barclaycard Arena)
10.11.18, IEM Chicago 2018 (Chicago, USA, Wintrust Arena)
07.12.18, ESL Pro League Finals 8 (Odense, Denmark, Sparekassen Fyn Arena)

06.04.19, ESL Meisterschaft Spring Finals (Düsseldorf, Germany Castello Arena)
06.07.19, ESL One Cologne 2019 (Cologne, Germany, Lanxess Arena)
26.10.19 ESL One Hamburg 2019 (Hamburg, Germany, Barclaycard Arena)

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