felix 'Chicken' krantz  id: 2419671
CPU Intel Quad Core 6600 2,4 ghz
RAM 6GB 800mhz
Videocard Readon HD 6790 1GB
Soundcard Realtek HD
Storage 500gb
Motherboard asus p-35, 1333mhz
Display Samsung SyncMaster 2233rz
OS Vista Ultimate
Antivirus avast
CD/DVD DVD/floppy
Mouse Logitech MX518
Mouse Skatez Hyper glides
Mousepad steel series QcK heavy
Keyboard standard
Headphones Creative Sound Blaster
Connection 8 m/bit ADSL
TV Philips LED 46"
Sound system Surround
Console(s) Playstation 3
Mobile Phone Iphone 4
Drink Becks Brewery, beer
Food BBQ
Movie Seven Pounds
Music Literally everything..
Actor / Actress Ashton Kutcher
Car Dodge Viper
Sport Ice Hockey & Kickboxing
Athlete Peter Forsberg
Map De_Cpl_Mill
Clan Fnatic
Player f0rest
Favourite Websites
Website 1 http://facebook.com
Website 2 http://cadred.org
My Config

Who am i? read here if you want to know

My name is Felix Krantz aka "Chicken", born 6th september 1992 in Sundsvall, Sweden. Used to play Ice Hockey and exercising Kickboxing, at the moment im just training at gym to stay healthy.

Started playing FPS-games 2002, started of with "Global Operation" and moved soon over too Counter-strike. In the early spring of 2004 i discovered the CSS beta on an internetcafé with some friends and really enjoyed the game. Got CSS for xmaspresent Dec, 24th 2004. Been active in leagues since 2005. I've visited 3 LANS so far, hoping to visit more "If the juice is worth to squeeze".

Short list of some teams and achivements below. --->

-:- Previous Clans -:-

Nequitia me, vAilent, mish, Baghera, RAPTOR
Override: Brandie, me, nakkimo, Leehu, Thevil
Almost famous Garthfield, Dietcoke, ash, me, imne
Magic Mouse Piebear, mav0r, gr0m, dan, me
Broken ArroW RAPTOR, infinity, Rage, me, wo0t + bruce
Digitize.gg Ro, Dejv, peet, me, qwerty
cZone nik, artistic, me, mentorn, norbagge
arcanum faz, infinity, Rage, me, wo0t
team EPC hickie, me, lancer, element, danny
realityKings artax, zyron, kalven, me, soRa
Virtual Revive artax, zyron, dsl, me, soRa
Beyond Control ro, 1XXi, me, rAsk, wous
logiX e.V fexx, me, headset, piroy, flok
Club-eSport artax, zyron, kalven, me, soRa, aimiiz
aNimus-Gaming n3uro, soRa, dezent, TOOX, me
Team-WUZUP n3uro, crajkz, TOOX, GEZ, me, cozman

-:- Achivements -:-


Counter-strike: Source 5on5 Qpad Cup 2007 #4 / arcanum
Counter-strike: Source Playzeek Winner of the best player contest 2008 #1 / SynX
Counter-strike: Source 2on2 Playzeek DHw ladder2009 #1 /Unhinged
Counter-strike: Source Club-eSport Cup 2010 #1 / CES
Counter-strike: Source 2on2 Decent-gaming Cup 2010 #1 /realityKings
Counter-Strike: Source 5on5 EMS VI Swedish Qualifier 2010 #3-4 / realityKings
Counter-strike: Source 2on2 Playzeek DHs ladder2010 #1 /Unhinged
Counter-strike: Source 5on5 NewGens Cup 2010 #4 / relityKings
Counter-strike: Source 5on5 30P December Cup 2010 #3 /realityKings
Counter-strike: Source 5on5 EAS Div2 - realityKings 2011 #1 / aNimus
Counter-strike: Source 5on5 TheSGL One Night Stand 01 2011 #1 / aNimus
Counter-strike: Source 5on5 SourceJunkies Summer cup 2011 #2 / HEFF
Counter-strike: Source 5on5 King of de_nuke Cup 2011 #3/ HEFF
Counter-Strike: Source 5on5 Bash4u Cup nr3 2011 #1/ HEFF


Counter-Strike: Source 5on5 DHS LAN 2010 #1 / realityKings
Counter-Strike: Source 2on2 DHS LAN 2010 #1 / Unhinged
Counter-strike: Source 5on5 30P LAN 2011 #13-16 /aNimus

Counter-strike 1.6 Krangparty LAN 2006 #18-24