Chris 'ChrisTop' Topalis  id: 2246658
CPU E6600 @ 2,4 GHZ
RAM 2GB @ 667 Mhz Dual Channel
Videocard Nvidia 8800 GT 512 MB
Soundcard X-Fi SOundBlaster
Storage 300GB - 7200rpm
Motherboard Gigabyte kapia
Display Nec 17ara
OS Win 7 Ultimate
Mouse G5
Mouse Skatez den
Mousepad Puretrak Complexity
Keyboard Random Microsoft
Headphones Sennheiser HD 555
Connection 24mbps/1mbps
Wheel/Pedals den
Joypad XBox 360 official joypad
TV Sony Wega 42''
Sound system 2.0
Console(s) den
Handheld(s) den
Drink Vodkosindiasmoi / Sprite
Food Soutzoukakia Smirneika
Movie Too many to chose one
Music Ta panta, eksartatai tin diathesi
Song NightWish - Moondance
Book Den mporo na ksexoriso ena
Book author Tolkin
Person Goneis
Actor / Actress Ehmmmmm, Johny Depp?
Car Golf :P
Sport Football
Athlete L.Figo
Map De_Nuke
Clan SK
Player XeqtR / FORGIVEN
Game Hero Link
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Humans
Genre Turn-Based Strategy
Console XBox 360
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Website 4
Wannabe world wanderer
Lost, Found and Lost again
In search of fear, love, freedom
Know-too-much victim