Manuel 'rome' Bennies  id: 2168419
CPU Intel Core i-7 7700k
RAM 16GB G-Skill Ripjaw-X
Videocard nVidia GeForce GTX 780
Soundcard Creative X-Fi Pro
Storage 250GB Samsung SSD
Display BenQ XL2411
OS Windows 7 x64 Pro
Mouse Zowie ZA-13
Mouse Skatez none
Mousepad Steelseries QcK heavy
Keyboard Zowie Celeritas 2
Headphones HyperX Cloud 2
Connection 100k Fibre
The biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself!


General Setts.

° Mouse: SteelSeries Kana v2

° MousePad: Qck+ Heavy
° MouseDPI: 400
° Mouse Hz: 500Hz
° MouseFix: YES
° Windows Sensitivity: 6/11

° Monitor: BenQ XL2420
° Monitor Hz: 120Hz

Resolution: 1920x1080

° Launch Options: -console -novid -high -refresh 120 -processheap -threads 8 -freq 120