Ghostchanter  id: 2078597
CPU i7 920 OC'd @ 3.3ghz
Videocard nvidea GTx 270
Soundcard Soundblaster Audigy
Storage 1TB
Motherboard ?
OS vista
Mouse logitech G17
Mousepad alienware icepad
Keyboard G15
Connection 8mb
TV 40inch samsung HD TV
Sound system surround sound
Console(s) 360
Handheld(s) DS, PSP
Drink voddy n coke
Food broccoli and cheese :D
Movie Pirates of the Carribean
Music Bullet for my Valentine
Song I can tell there was an accident here earlier
Book Lord of the Rings
Person Jonny Depp
Actor / Actress Honny Depp
Car BMW Z4
Sport Paintballing
Athlete anyone whos phitt :p
Map Sharqi
Clan [TC]TitleChasers
Player sexypie
Game Hero Link - Zelda
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Elves
Genre Sci-fi
Console 360