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Essay: outline and structure of the text

Any text, be it a thesis, abstract, article, story or essay, must have a clear structure. The essay differs from many other student works by its “creative freedom”. Alas, we all know: the more freedom, the more responsibility. Having received this very freedom, you must think over the structure of the future essay yourself . The structure largely depends on the goals, form, type, volume of work. An essay-narrative will begin with a set, an essay-illustration - with one or more theses. Essays like "causal analysis" will have to be built in accordance with the laws of logic. And nothing else.

The structure can be simply thought out. But it's better to take a piece of paper and sketch out a rough outline. The plan is the "skeleton" of the text, on which you will subsequently build up the "flesh". Any text needs a plan, an essay needs it first of all.

Making a plan


By "introduction" and "conclusion" you can mean the first and last paragraph. You should not formally relate to these elements of the text. The first paragraph or the first part of the text introduces the reader to the course of the matter, brings him to the problem to which the essay on is devoted and there is no need for a long introduction - one or two paragraphs will be enough.

The main part

The main part needs the most attention. Especially when drawing up a plan. It can have a different structure:

Thesis-argumentation. In this case, first we fix the thought, then we prove it;

Reverse structure (facts-inference). We describe the situation or give facts, we draw a conclusion. And so - several times.

Thesis and several arguments (facts). In this case, we confirm one thought with several illustrations. The thesis can be both at the beginning and after these illustrations.

By "thesis" we mean a short, complete thought that the author wants to convey to the reader of the essay. Under the argument is some kind of proof of the thesis. It can be a life situation, news, a scientist's opinion, a scientific theory, or a fact proven by science.

Ideally, one thesis should be supported by two arguments. One may seem unconvincing to the reader, but three will overload the text. However, you are free to bring any number of arguments to your thesis - a lot depends on the thought itself, the logic of the narrative, the volume, the plan of the text. It is important to preserve the consistency, conciseness and imagery of the text.


The conclusion, as a rule, summarizes everything that was said in the essay. The author, who do my papers with the best writers together with the reader sums up the results. It is important that conclusions are not far-fetched and do not arise "out of nowhere." In conclusion - only what the reader should come to, having familiarized himself with the main part of your work.

The structure of the main body of the text

It is important that the main part is built according to the laws of logic. You can go from simple to complex, you can carry out analysis or synthesis, use the method of deduction and induction. In order to build a logical text:

- fix the abstracts;

- select several arguments for each thesis;

- line up the theses in a logical sequence: one thought should flow from another.

You will have a detailed plan in front of you. It remains to "build up" the text on it - and your essay will be almost ready. But before you start working on the text, check whether the theses are lined up in a logical sequence and whether the evidence is convincing enough.

Where to begin?

Best of all - with the main body of the text. The introduction and conclusion are easier to add after - after you make sure that the basis of your essay is logical and understandable to the reader, who write essays for me by quality authors, if you took care of the detailed plan, you can write in order - it will be easy.

How to write an essay

An essay is reasoning. A type of essay in which the author demonstrates his view of the problem, describes his attitude and gives arguments.

First, we will consider the signs of work-reasoning, and then we will move on to examples and analyze ready-made essays.

Essay signs

You can write an essay on any topic. For example, about a phenomenon, about a book, about an event, a company. However, any essay meets these hallmarks:

a well-defined topic (there can be only one);

the author's subjective view of the problem;

small volume (3-7 pages for students and 1-2 for children);

free composition;

laid-back storytelling;

the presence of paradoxes (in the topic or in the reasoning);

semantic unity (consistency of theses and arguments).

Before writing, it is important to clearly define the topic (problem), scope and objectives of each paragraph.

A good essay topic is one that covers philosophical, moral, and social issues. For writing essays, it is better to take them.

An example of a good essay "Documents in my life":

Documents are a product of civilization and society. In our and any other developed country, they play a crucial role.

It is natural for a person to organize the surrounding reality so that it is easier to navigate in it. And documents are one of the tools of this organization. They help organize information and data about a person or events. That is why it is difficult to imagine our world without them.

Documents are a complex and ancient phenomenon. The birth of writing marked the transition of human civilization to a new era of the information type. Thanks to graphic signs and systems, we have the opportunity to separate information from the object and save it by recording it on a particular medium.
Since people need agreements among themselves for a peaceful existence, law has become the main area of   documents. A document can give the right to something or take it away - allow or prohibit an action. Documents confirm anything, deny, prove.

So, if a person needs to leave for another city, it will be difficult for him to do it without tickets. Tickets in this case are a document that confirms the ability and right of a person to change their location. In turn, the right to purchase tickets is given by a passport or birth certificate, which indicates that a person is a citizen of the country.

Whatever we are faced with, almost always a certain list of documentation is required. Moving, starting a company, buying or building a house, getting an education - all this requires documents. Which help to streamline life.

Another sample essay. A short short text on the topic "Mine is better than ours":

“The problem of one's own and common has existed throughout all human existence. However, before proceeding to analyze the meaning of this expression, you should look at its history. Its author is Benjamin Franklin. And he talked about property.

Human nature is proprietary. Since ancient times, we have been accustomed to defending our territory. It was necessary for survival. Therefore, what belongs specifically to "me" is usually valued above what belongs to "us."

Of course, in history, collective property has not always been valued below individual property. So, the Spartans who once lived, on the contrary, did not recognize the latter and even encouraged theft. This can be traced even in the behavior of children who do not want to share their favorite toy.

We live in the era of the cult of individuality and individualism. This also affects the concept of "mine". Private property is now one of the leading principles of economics and everyone has the right to own it. And together with it we get great freedom and the right to choose.

Thus, a person is individualistic. And he is more likely to appreciate his own thoughts and things. Rarely is collective property more and better maintained than private property. "

Essay Template

There is no single essay template. Usually it is asked by a teacher or a situation. However, there is a similar structure and writing principles:

Introduction. It's worth starting with the main idea. Bright phrases in the introduction are welcome. The goal is to win the interest and attention of the reader. You can bring a comparative allegory, mention an entertaining fact or event that is related to a key topic.

Main part. Here you can turn to history, give the points of view of different people, examples from your life. Also, an example of an essay is a biography. The task is to fully disclose the issue.

Arguments. They are included in the main part or taken out after it. It is customary to build arguments in this order: statement, explanation, example or examples, final conclusion.

Final part. This sums up all of the above. They mention the problem again, combine the conclusions for each thesis and bring the reader to the main point of view of the author. The purpose of the final part is to make the essay coherent and push the reader to think.

This form is the most common. The best essays are consistent, holistic, and evidence-based.

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