Christian 'pyo' Bartusch  id: 1718824
CPU Intel i7 7700K
RAM 16GB Ballistix 2400Mhz
Videocard Gainward GTX 1080Ti
Soundcard Onboard
Storage 2x 250GB Samsung EVO 850, 1TB Western Digital
Motherboard ASRock Z170 Extreme4
Display BenQ XL2410T
OS Windows 10 (64Bit)
Antivirus None
CD/DVD LG BH10LS38 Blu Ray
Mouse Kana V2 and Intelli 1.1
Mouse Skatez Everglide
Mousepad Steelseries QcK+
Keyboard Logitech K120
Headphones Sennheiser Game Zero
Connection 50Mbit
Joypad MS Sidewinder
TV Panasonic LZ8F 37'
Sound system Sony
Console(s) Sega Megadrive :3
Handheld(s) Steamdeck
Mobile Phone Galaxy S10+
Drink Bier
Food Lasagne
Movie Leon-Der Profi
Music alles mögliche
Song Muse-Bliss
Book Krieg und Frieden
Book author Douglas N. Adams
Person ME, just me
Actor / Actress Chris O’Dowd
Car Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Sport Fussball
Athlete Oliver Kahn der Titan!!!
Map inferno, cpl_mill
Clan Team 3D, NoA
Player Ola "elemeNt" Moum
Game Hero Gordon Freeman
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Nachtelf
Genre Ego Shooter
Console PS3
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Website 4
CS 2000-2010...playing now BF

since CS:GO is not made for me and ProMod wont make it, I quit with CS. Just cant get the feeling back from 1.6, the god damn best game ever..will miss it! <3

my Accounts:

Steam: pyo[st]

ClanBase Admin since 2009 - RIP

-ESL Admin since 2014-

Global Staff Head in Battlefield
ESL One Referee
Global Support Specialist (General Support)
Global Support Specialist for Ranked/Versus
Global Support Specialist for Wire and ESL Anticheat

- Game-History -
CS 2000-2010 (with breaks due to ET and MoH)
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 2002-2005
Enemy Territory 2005-2008
CS:GO 2011-2012 (Beta only)
BF3 2011-2013
BF4 2013-

Achievments CS+ET: over the several years i lost overview. But i think nothing really big what i have to mention. ;)


Captain for Team Germany in Clanbase NationsCup XVI

#1 ESL.GER 8v8 Ladder - eWAVE
#1 ESL.EU 8v8 Ladder - FuT
#1 ClanBase 8v8 Open Cup Fall 2012 - FuT
#1 ClanBase 8v8 Open Cup Spring 2013 - logiX
#1 ESL Summer Cup 2012 8v8 Groupstage (Group F) - eWAVE
#1 4PL Play4BF3 2v2 Heli Quali #1 by Mad Catz - Retardo TV
#1 4PL Play4BF3 2v2 Heli Finals by Mad Catz - Pink Knights (100€+2 Joysticks)
#1 2v2 Heli Cup - Pink Knights
#1 ESL Heli 2v2 Ladder - Propeller Industries
#1 Art of Battle League 14v14 - Gentlemens Club
#1 Clanbase NationsCup XVI 8v8 Groupstage (Group C) - Team Germany
#1 Excello 1v1 Heli Cup 2011
#1 ESL.EU 6v6+ Ladder - logiX
#1 ESL 8v8 Conquest Cup #01 - logiX
#1 Play4BF3 8v8 Back to the Roots Cup - logiX
#1 BNL Nordic League 8v8 Season 5 Division 1 - logiX
#1 BNL Nordic League 5v5 SummerCup 2013 Division 1 - logiX
#1 CEVO 8v8 Takeover Tournament 2013 - logiX
#1 ClanBase 8v8 Summer Cup 2013 - logiX
#1 CEVO Takeover Tournament Grand Final NA vs EU - logiX
#2 ESL.EU 8v8 Ladder - eWAVE
#2 ESL Heli 2v2 Ladder - New Kids Turbo
#2 ESL Heli 2v2 Cup #3 - Propeller Industries
#2 Clanbase 8v8 Ladder - FuT
#2 DeSBL 4v4 SQR Season 1 - German.sYndikat
#2 ESL 12v12 Fun Cup#1 - FuT
#2 BNL Nordic League 8v8 Season 4 Division 1 - logiX
#2 RBL 14v14 Winter Season 2013 - Gentlemens Club
#2 ESL 3v3 Tank Superiority Cup #1 - FuT
#2 AOBP SQD Tournament - Gentlemens Club
#2 ESL 8v8 Conquest Cup #02 - logiX
#3 ESL.GER 8v8 EAS Spring Season 2012 - German.sYndikat
#3 ESL 6v6 Cup#1 - logiX
#3 The Game of Empires 6v6 Nightcup - logiX
#3 4PL Play4BF3 2v2 Heli Quali #3 by Mad Catz - Retardo TV
#3 4PL 5v5 League Cup Season 2 - logiX
#3 ESL 12v12 Fun Cup#2 - 2LOW4NAME
#4 ESL.GER Springcup 2012 8v8 - German.sYndikat
#4 ESL 2v2 Heli Cup#2 - Propeller Industries
#4 Go4BF3 #21 8v8 - German.sYndikat
#5 ESL Summer Cup 2012 8v8 Playoffs - eWAVE
#5 BNL Nordic League 8v8 Season 3 Division 1 - TOP Nordic eSport
#5 4PL 5v5 1st League Season #2 - logiX
#6 RBL 14v14 Autumn Season 2012 - DFA
#6 Go4BF3 #22 8v8 - Team Defence
#8 EPS Summer Season 2012 8v8 - eWAVE
#10 ESL Jet Battle 1v1 Afterburner Cup #2
Top8 Clanbase NationsCup XVI 8v8 Playoffs - Team Germany


#1 ESL 8v8 Conquest TestCup #2 - logiX
#1 ESL.EU 8v8 Conquest Ladder - logiX
#1 1v1 Heli Nightcup
#1 ESL.GER 3v3 WinterCup 2014 - PENTA Sports
#2 BNL Nordic League 8v8 Conquest TestCup - logiX

//old CS 1.6 Settings
.Monitor Refresh Rate: 120 HZ
.Mouse HZ: 500 HZ
.Vsync: off
.Mouseacc: off
.Mousefix: no
.Winsens: 6/11
.Sensitivity: 1.7(-noforcemaccel -noforcemparms)
.Resolution: 640x480
.Dynamic Crosshair: No
.Crosshairsize: small
.Crosshaircolor: green
.Translucent: no
.Radar Type: Solid

quote[Robbie "gooz" Rudder][
"I don't care about your CAL-invite experience or your highly-respected clubs. I don't care if you've slept with KSharp, or if you've circle jerked with fRoD. I don't care if you beat me 30-0, or if I finish 0-30. You have nothing to prove to me, so don't bother. This community continues to go to hell every year with more cheaters, and trash-talking kids who yearn for recognition on top of the many names that think they're better than others. I respect the honest, spirit driven teams and have nothing but pity for the rest. You know where you stand. Don't bother trying to offend me based on a computer game. You'll only be wasting the life of your keyboard."]quote