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Expository Essay Topics Every Student Should Know - 2021 Guide

Have you ever wondered how long a college essay should be? Or how to write a perfect essay when you regularly have to write multiple essays? Well, it all lies in the practise especially when you have to write an expository essay.

Definition of Expository Essay

An expository essay revolves around an idea or a concept that an author justified by deeply researching about it, and giving balid arguments so the readers find relevance between the topic and the justifications provided in the essay.

Expository Topic Ideas

Expository essays are mostly fun to write because a student is allowed to have their own opinion in it along with some other arguments. It helps them pen down their own perspective regarding a certain idea, and that's a good thing in perfect essay writing

Here are some interesting expository topic ideas that every student should know. These topics are creative and attention-grabbing if a perfect essay writers chooses to write on any of these.

Explain why most of the parents are strict.
Describe why children have to cross their limits even when parents strictly restrict them.
Describe the consequences of having abusive parents.
Describe the unnecessary rude behavior of some teachers towards their students.
Explain why students prefer skipping classes than actually attending them.
Explain why you like your favourite teacher.
Explain the best thing about your favourite subject.
Explain why online zoom classes are better than studying in the regular classrooms.
Explain why children tend to be highly stubborn.
Describe your experience at your first job/internship.
Explain the writing strategies a person can use how to write a perfect essay.
Explain the reason why you hate a certain subject.


An expository essay has to have an opinion of your own to write my essay. As a writer of an essay, a student needs to have a grip on your topic and enough arguments to justify their stance. The above given topic ideas are brilliant to choose one for writing an expository essay.