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Careful Arrangement.
The next step is that you translate your research, ideas, and starting point into an arrangement. This is where you make a cookbook recipe for your essay that you can follow when writing. The better your arrangement, the better your essay will be.
Of course, this is not the only way to sketch, and you have to choose the way that works best for you. Nevertheless, it's important that you get it all done. You don't necessarily have to write much in your arrangement, but it is important that it follows the course of your essay-from the introduction to the conclusion and rounding out.
In addition, you have ample opportunity for research on the Internet. Wikipedia and mcessay are great starting points. You can enter your topic into the search box and see it as a starting point from which you can research the sub-topic and find more information. Many Wikipedia posts actually have great links to other posts, other material, or books where you can explore your topic further. There are also databases like Infomedia that you can greatly benefit from.

When researching, it's important to take notes. I take mine in a notepad page number like this,but the online notes tool Evernote is also great. Be accurate in your notes and always have page numbers and source numbers written so you can go back in your notes and get a handle on where your information is coming from. Don't get lost in the details, but focus on the most important things and what you can use to write your essay.

Keep in mind that sometimes your research takes you to a different place than you just expected. When researching facts or specific personal stories, the results may show something different from what you expected. Don't ignore it because it weakens your reasoning, but adjust the essay and its statements to align with your research.
bid4papers always writes its outlines by hand in a notebook. They can be longer or shorter depending on how long I need to type and how easily I feel the subject of the text is to get to. The rule of thumb is that the more complex and professionally heavy the subject, the more I write at my disposal.

I usually do this by writing some general points - usually 3-6 - that form the main points of the essay I write. Then I add notes or bullet points to each main point. That way, I get a skeleton made that I build my text around. In two pictures from my notebook, you can see how I do this in practice.

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