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Art History Term Paper

Black Art : A Comparison and Contrast Analysis of the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat and African Art

This paper will argue that Basquiat's work may be best seen as operating within the parameters of a "Black aesthetic". This still-controversial concept, it will be seen, accurately reflects Basquiat's embracement of postmodernity and the complex engagement of artists of the African diaspora with the traditions of the past in the context of the present.

Balzac and Reclining Nude: A Comparative Analysis
This four-page undergraduate paper examines Auguste Rodin’s Balzac and Henri Matisse’s Reclining Nude. The author notes that in comparing and contrasting Balzac and Reclining Nude, it is evident that these great works of art challenge each other in important ways, but that they also complement each other, for each of them is an expression of an immensely talented artist at the height of his skill. They respectively express masculine and feminine themes and reflect their creator’s reactions to contemporary movements in the art world. After finishing the process of writing don’t forget to use online paper editor to check all mistakes.
Bauhaus And Art Deco
This paper will be a discussion of the two very important schools of design which were started after World War I. They are: The Bauhaus school which was a German perspective on design, and Art Deco. Both of these designs or ways of thinking and doing design were very important and very influential in this 20th century.
Beauty And The Beholder
This three-page paper presents a formal analysis of a work of art from Africa. This writer chose a painting to analyze and used the various colors and the scene itself to discuss several points.
Benvenuto Cellini
Benvenuto Cellini was known as an artist who many people loved but also for his ability to get in trouble and to be banished from the area he was living. Cellini wrote his own autobiography about his life. This autobiography portrayed his life as well as what life was like in the sixteenth century. He created many medallions. He had a personality that ranged from being a murderer to quite artistic.
Bergers Theory of Reproduction and the Arts
According to dissertation writing services this paper explores the ways in which John Berger's theory of art (as expressed in Ways of Seeing) can be applied to the digital reproduction of music, and what this means for its distribution in peer-to-peer networks. The paper also draws upon the work of Walter Benjamin to put together a cohesive theory that the music recording and distribution industry is capitalizing on the mystification of the artist/musician's role in order to convince the consumer that they are buying artistic authenticity, when in reality they are purchasing the same daydream that Berger describes at the end of his book.
Bernini's David (Baroque Sculpture)
This paper shall examine the inspiration, creation, and meaning of Bernini’s Baroque masterpiece of sculpture, David. Unlike other Davids that emerged in Italy, Bernini’s is a faithful attempt to portray the young man about to slay the giant. Bernini’s David is typical of Baroque sculpture and of the art of the time. Bernini, more than any other of the four major David sculptors (including Donatello, Veroccio, and Michaelangelo), brought the real man that David was to life in marble. It is the purpose of this paper to examine the context of the work, the artist, and the work itself.
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