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5 Reasons Fish make Better Pets and ESAs

Do you know Fish also need registration just like emotional support dog certification . Fish is a great pet and emotional support animal choice for people who do not have time and patience to look after a dog or a cat. Dogs and cats need proper care and the owners have to spend significantly on their grooming and well being. Fish needs no such thing and can live in your fish aquarium comfortably.

People who are considering fish as their ESA are often confused about whether keeping their fish aquarium will need an ESA letter for housing . For better clarification, we suggest that you contact the legal authorities and see what they have to say about it.

Whether or not you need an ESA letter for your fish, it does not disqualify the therapeutic effects of watching fish gliding smoothly in the water. Besides, below are some key benefits of choosing fish over a cat or a dog.

1.They don't Make Noise

We all know how noisy cats and dogs could be and birds are quite a competition for them. On the other hand, ever heard an ESA letter fish making noise? No. Because it does not. Fish are quite fellows that are happy in their habitat and you will never get a complaining neighbor.

2. They are Economical

Pedigree dogs and cats cost a fortune. Add the cost of keeping them healthy, cost of their food and grooming and the cost skyrockets. Fish does not require any visits to the veterinarian, grooming sessions and expensive food. A bottle of fish food will last for a few months.

3. They are Space Friendly

How much of a place does an aquarium occupy? Not much. Unlike emotional support letter cats and dogs, that need their own dedicated corners, litter boxes and other supplies, fish is far less demanding. Place the aquarium in the corner of your bedroom or lounge and you're good to go.

4. They don't need your Attention

This is probably the most appealing quality of fish, they do not bother you at all. We are not saying that our beloved dogs and cats are a disturbance but come on, sometimes we all wish that there is silence. Fish does not need their regular huggy sessions that Coco and Kitty are so fond of. They are happy to swim and mind their own business.

5. Their Presence is Relaxing

Fish has a relaxing presence. The support animal letter . First, it is the water that is known to absorb any negative energy and second it is the fish. Reportedly, the serene and effortless swimming motion of fish lowers the stress levels and calms our nerves. Don't believe us? Try watching fish swimming in an aquarium.

Fish are beautiful creatures and their presence makes us feel relaxed and calm. They are an unusual ESA choice but they are totally worth it.