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Can You Have A Bearded Dragon As Emotional Support Animal?

Do you need US service dog registry . Thousands of people benefit from the company of emotional support animals. Therefore, the number of emotional support animals is rapidly increasing and some people love to have unique ESAs. If you own a bearded dragon and want to register it as your ESA then this article is for you.

What Are Emotional Support Animals?
Animals that provide love, comfort, and satisfaction to people with emotional or mental disabilities are known as ESA letter online animals.

Can A Bearded Dragon Be An Emotional Support Animal?

Almost every type of animal can be registered as an emotional support animal letter . Yes, you bearded dragons are also eligible for this status. If you undergo mental disorders such as anxiety, depression or stress, etc and your bearded dragon helps you to cope with them, then you are truly eligible to make him your emotional support animal.

What Is The Process Of Registering A Bearded Dragon As An ESA?

You are free to choose your emotional support animal. Some people believe that only a traditional pet like a dog or cat can be kept as an

emotional support dog letter animal but it is just a myth. There are so many people who love to have unique ESAs that do not demand enough space and time.

Emotional Support Animals And The Fair Housing Act (FHA)

Your emotional support animal is supposed to live with you but most of the buildings come with no-pet housing policies or restrict exotic pets. To secure your ESA living, you must produce an ESA letter for housing . Your bearded dragon is not just a pet, he is an emotional support animal and has the right to live with you even in no-pet housing.

How To Get An ESA Letter For Housing?

Doctors prescribe emotional support animals only to those who undergo emotional or mental ailments. If your mental health professional finds you eligible for having an ESA then he will write you an emotional support animal (ESA) letter that secures the rights of your ESA.

Can You Take Your Bearded Dragon To Public Places?

Bearded dragons are small and quite easy to move. If your bearded dragon is not harmful to other people then you can surely take him to public places with you.

People with mental ailments experience mood swings quite often than normal people and emotional support animals help them to overcome any atypical condition. So, if you think that your bearded dragon can assist you to be fine in the market or at any public spot then you should take him with you and can enjoy the company of your loving pet.

Benefits Of Having A Bearded Dragon As An ESA

The main purpose of any emotional support animal is to provide comfort, pleasure, warmth, and companionship. Well, the bearded dragon is a unique pet but it is not less than other ESA letter in proving benefits and to fulfill requirements.


Any type of emotional support animal provides you a sense of satisfaction and comfort that your pet is only yours and will be with you and you can command him. Bearded dragon perfectly passes this step by furnishing satisfaction and fellowship to his owners.

A Friend To Talk

People with mental ailments often find it tough to be around people and to converse with them. Bearded dragons are perfect listeners that help you to speak out of your heart.

How To Take Care Of Your Bearded Dragon?

They require live food and a very specific habitat. As they are cold-blooded animals, so make sure to maintain their temperature by placing them under the light of a lamp. They also need a UV lamp and you should let them spend some time in the sunlight.