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Some students might be wondering about why certain guys/girls are successful in attracting almost the people coming across in their life? They may not be very good looking but how can they still attract a lot of attention? Well the answer is that they are power flirts.

For some people flirting comes naturally whereas others need a bit of help. Once you gain confidence and know how it is done, you will be a power flirt as well.

Here are some easy flirting tips from Loveawake dating site that will help both boys and girls to charm the pants off that cute girl or guy.

Tips for guys

First and foremost is to flash a smile on every occasion. Smile is said to be contagious and will make you more approachable. Smile will light up your face and will draw girls towards you.

Maintain eye contact. Looking into the eyes of the girl will show that you are interested in her. Even if you come face to face keep gazing at her which will reflect your confidence. If she responds to you with a smile then she’s into you and if she looks away without a smile then she is either shy or not into you.
Compliment the girl. Just keep in mind that your compliments must be sincere, genuine, and honest with an element of surprise. The ‘flirtee girl’ will respond you.

Don’t try and grab her at the first instance itself. You can be gentle and put your arm on her shoulder, take her hand while leading her somewhere and try similar small gestures. Single girls don’t like to be mishandled and they want for respect for their space.

Listen to her carefully. Lean in to her when she is talking to you which will display that you’re interested in the things she is saying. If you lean back it will portray your disinterest and lack of confidence.

Tips for girls

You are basically attractive and beautiful. However make an impression from the start by dressing up well. Dressing well doesn’t mean expensive attires but make sure that you wear attractive clothes that accentuate you well. This is the most important flirting tip for girls which can kick-start the relationship right away.

Don’t stay in groups. If you want to attract a guy then keep away from the pack of your friends. Guys find the packs unapproachable and he will never gather the courage to approach you. Thus send your flirty looks to the guys when you’re alone.

Guys generally find girls with long hair as more attractive than those with small cuts. These long locks will aid you in the classic hair flip and catch the guy’s attention. If you have small hair, just tuck a few hair strands behind your ear coupled with a smile. This will do the trick.

Make eye contact. Eyes are the most effective tool which you can use while flirting. Just a playful, lusty look will make the guy’s heart skip.

A smile is the sexiest thing that a girl can wear. Practice a sweet and seductive smile that will make the guy spellbound. Practice a fake smile as well that will help you through the awkward moments.