ShadowDraft  id: 1593286
CPU Intel Core i7-4790
RAM 16,00 GB
Videocard GeForce GTX 970
Soundcard Creative SB X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro
Storage Hitachi Deskstar
Display ASUS VK278Q
OS Windows 7
Mouse Logitech G500
Mousepad Plastik
Keyboard Logitech G510
Headphones Sennheiser PC 360
Connection DSL 6.000
Joypad X-BOX Controller
Drink Selter, Apfelsaft
Food Pizza, China Fastfood, etc.
Movie HdR, Star Wars
Music Metal
Song Pendulum - Witchcraft
Book Herr der Ringe
Book author J.R.R. Tolkien
Person Robin Williams
Actor / Actress Harrison Ford
Sport Tai Chi Chuan
Athlete Bruce Lee
Map New Eden
Clan Rooks and Kings
Player Dyrus
Game Hero Gordon Freeman
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Skaarj
Genre MMO
ESL Admin since 2015 (responsibilities)
Support NOT by PM, chat or mail, but by support ticket.

Current adminpositions:
PUBG - Game Staff Head
(Admin since 4th October '17)
Supporting cups

Rocket League - Cup Referee Senior
(Admin since 26th July '15)
Supporting cups

Former adminpositions:

Global - Senior Insult Specialist
(Admin/IS since 10th October '15 - November '19)
Kept the ESL clean.

Global - Senior Unwanted Content Specialist
(Admin/Project 430 since 30th November '15 - November '19)
Kept the ESL clean.

Rocket League Germany - News Editor
(News Editor since 9th October '16 - November '19)
Published News for Rocket League Germany

Overwatch - Cup Referee Senior
(Admin since 10th February '16 - August '19)
Section closed in August 2019

Splatoon - Global Staff Head (Admin since 15th September '16 - 10th July '18)
Left section in July 2018

Quake Champions - Cup Referee
(Admin since 14th June '17 - 10th April '17)
Left section in April 2017

Worms W.M.D. - Game Staff Head
(Admin since 2nd November '16 - June '17)
Section closed in June 2017

Atlas Reactor - Cup Referee
(27th October '16 - 15th February '17)
Section closed in February 2017

Total War - Cup Referee
(Admin since 31st July '16 - November '16)
Section closed in November 2016

Metal Assault - Cup Referee
(10th July '16 - 10th October '16)
Section closed in October 2016

Company of Heroes 2 - Game Staff Head
(27th December '15 - 4th September '16)
Section closed in September 2016

HEX: Shards of Fate - Cup Referee
(28th October '15 - 6th July '16)
Section closed in July 2016

Nosgoth - Game Staff Head
(2nd June '15 - 31st May '16)
Game discontinued by Publisher in June 2016