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Hello everyone! My name is Carroll.

I am not a professional player. Just an amateur. Most of the time I work as a writer and editor for the service MeowEssay. This is a wonderful job, but sometimes I want to take a break from thousands of essays, articles, coursework and devote some time to myself. At the moment, my favorite game is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This game was released on May 19, 2015. Recognized as the game of the year, not only that, right now many on the Twitch platform began to pass this game again. Duck, let's find out the same, than a game that has been attracting the community for almost 3 years now?

1.Of course, one of the important factors is that the picture in the game of 2015 is not inferior to the new games of this year. Pleasant landscape, well-drawn textures, what else is needed to please the eye?

2. The second main factor in a good game is the plot. The plot in this game captures from the first minutes of the game and does not let go until the very end. And the ability to make one or another choice, which will have a number of consequences, will further diversify the game and attract players.

3. The third important factor that this game draws you to the monitor from the first minutes is complete freedom of action. Indeed, in The Witcher, along with the basis of the storyline of the quest chain, there is also a huge number of side ones, which is no less interesting than the plot. For example, in one of the quests you have to conjure people who have been turned into pigs. And most interestingly, completing side quests at some point will make it easier for you to complete the main storyline.

4. We all know perfectly well that the game was created on the basis of books by A. Sapkovsky, duck and what could be more pleasant then than to meet the favorite character of the book in the game? Buttercup, Cyri, Triss and many others are also found in the expanses of Velen.

To summarize: the Witcher 3 game Wild Hunt, despite the fact that it came out almost three years ago, can still be considered relevant for passing it in 2018, the graphics and gameplay will be relevant for more than one year. Anyone who has already passed this game can go through it again, because there is a “New Game +” mode that makes the game even harder, plus you can change the decisions made to others and see what happens, because the game has several endings. Anyone who has not completed the game for a number of reasons, it’s necessary if you are a fan of the RPG genre, or a fan of the Witcher universe, then you should go through this game, or at least watch the passage.