belido  id: 1258936
CPU Intel Core i5-4460
RAM 2x4gb Kingston HyperX
Videocard GEFORCE 950GTX2gb
Storage 1tb
Motherboard GIGABYTE H81M-S2PV
Display BenQ XL2411Z
OS Windows 7
Mouse Zowie FK2
Mousepad SteelSeries QCK+
Keyboard Logitech G103
Headphones HyperX Cloud I
Connection 60
Joypad DualShock
Console(s) PS4
Mobile Phone Sony Xperia
Map cs_militia
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• FIFA 11 •

3rd Place - ESL Fifa League Series 1
TOP8 - Mistrzostwa Polski EA by
1st Place - ESL Premium Cup Styczen
1st Place - ProCpu
2nd Place - EMS Poland VIII
3rd Place - ESL SteelSeries Opening Cup
3rd Place - ESL Premium Cup Marzec
3rd Place - ESL Pro Series II

• FIFA 10 •

TOP16 - FIWC Poland
TOP5 - Saycom Gamer Showtime PS3

• FIFA 09 •

2nd Place - myLegend International Cup
4th Place - Excello SteelSeries AllStars Challenge
1st Place - ESL Balwanobranie 5on5 (D-Link PGS)
2nd Place - ESL Spring Cup (D-Link PGS)
TOP16 - FIWC Poland
2nd Place - DPLF (D-Link PGS)
TOP8 - PLF XI Mistrzostwa Polski
4th Place - Ekstraklasa ESL
3rd Place - Excello Zowie FIFA 09 Cup //
3rd Place - EMS V Polska 1on1

• FIFA 08 •

1st Place - Heyah Logitech Cybersport (Day 1)
4th Place - Coca Cola League
1st Place - ESL Open Cup FIFA 08
1st Place - Excello Foxconn Cup Qualifier #6
2nd Place - Excello Foxconn Cup Grand Final
2nd Place - LowLandLions FIFA 08 CUP
TOP16 - FIWC Poland
1st Place - Extraklasa Season II
1st Place - Nation Cup XI - European Champion (Team Poland)
3rd Place - PLF X Mistrzostwa Polski
3rd Place - FIFA Challange ESWC Poland
2nd Place - EuroCup XVII ClanBase
5th Place - Elgląd GameFestival
1st Place - ENC Finals(Team Poland)
TOP32 WCG AMD BlackChallenge Finals
1st Place - ESL Last Cup FIFA 08
1st Place - E-Challenge (D-Link PGS)
2nd Place - EMS III (D-Link PGS)

• FIFA 07 •

4th Place - Eliminacje do MP Offline w Poznaniu
Qualificate to Poznan Game Arena (PGA)

3rd Place - Eliminacje do MP Offline we Wrocławiu
Qualificate to MP Offline (FIWC Poland) Finals
2nd Place - Polish IPS II Quali (EASYTEAM)
2nd Place - ESL Winter Cup #2
1st Place - Puchar Zimy DPLF (EASYTEAM)
2nd Place - ESWC Poland
3rd Place - DPLF (EASYTEAM)
2nd Place - Polish IPS III Quali (EASYTEAM)
1st Place - ESL Last Cup FIFA 07

• FIFA 2006 •

2nd Place - UEFA CUP IX
1st Place - ESL.PL Fifa 1on1 Ladder (30 days).
1st Place - ESL Winter Cup #7
5th Place - ESL Winter Cup FINALS
4th Place - Puchar Zimy DPLF (Pentagram G-Shock)
3rd Place - UEFA Ranking
2nd Place - Champions League II
1st Place - Simplus Lan Party Czestochowa
1st Place - Nation Cup IX - European Champion (Team Poland)
Player of the month in Poland - April 06
1st Place - DPLF Polish Champion (Pentagram G-Shock)
1st Place - Liga Mistrzów Fify III
1st Place - Wakacje z PLF #2
1st Place - Wakacje z PLF #3
1st Place - Debiutant Sezonu (DPLF)
1st Place - ESL FIFA Premiership 5on5 (1410team)
Qualificate to WCG Poland Finals
4th Place - ENC Finals (Team Poland)
1st Place - Wakacje z PLF - Cały Turniej !
1st Place - Puchar Lata DPLF (EASYTEAM)
5th-8th Place - World Cyber Games (WCG) Final Poland