Guillon 'sixK' Arnaud  id: 1190612
CPU Core i7 10700k @ 4.8k
RAM 16Go DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 3200mhz CL16
Videocard Gigabyte 3070 Eagle OC
Soundcard Sound Blaster Z
Storage Samsung 980 EVO PRO M2.
Motherboard Gigabyte z490 gaming x
Display Asus 258QR
OS Windows 10 64bits
Antivirus Avast
Mouse Skatez QPAD Glitz
Mousepad QPAD XT-R
Keyboard Logitech G410
Headphones Sennheiser Game Zero
Connection 10 Gb/s Swisscom
Console(s) PS4, Switch
Mobile Phone Samsung S10
Drink Coca cola
Food Healthy
Movie Forest Gump
Music Linkin Park
Book L'alchimiste
Book author Yasmina Khadra
Person my brother
Actor / Actress Gwyneth Paltrow
Car Shelby GT
Sport football
Athlete Cristiano Ronaldo
Map stalingrad, karkand, gibraltark, Al Marj
Clan DAW
Player Plisska
Game Hero Chuck Norris
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Jean Claude Van Dame
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
Playing BF5 and PUBG

My Twitch channel:


dignitas/Tequilla: "6K is the best french bf player" "6K is dominance in Battlefield game"

Former players from BF1942, the ones who teached me everything:

project.evo|Soulcage (aka plisska, irl friend)


1st BF5 ESB European 5v5 Squad Conquest Division 1
1st BF5 ESB International 5v5 Squad Conquest - Test Cup #2
1st BF5 ESB International 8v8 Conquest - Test Cup #1
1st FFOW i33 Newbury, London (UK) Cup (650€)
1st BF2 i33 Newbury, London (UK) Cup 6on6 (1'100€)
1st Crysis i33 Newbury, London (UK) Cup 6on6 (1'100€)
1st Crysis ESL Beta Cup 6on6 (2'700€)
1st Crysis CB Features Beta Cup 6on6 (3'000€)
1st BF2142 iPower Games Packard Bell 2007 Lisbon (Portugal) 6on6 (9'000€)
1st STALKER iPower Games Packard Bell 2007 Lisbon (Portugal) 6on6
1st BF2142 ESL France Championnat Elite 5on5 (7'500€)
1st BF2142 EA Coupe de France 5on5 @ Gamers-Assembly 2k7 (5'000€)
1st BF2 Packard Bell PolyLan IX 5on5 (6'000€)
1st BF2142 Conquest EPS Nachrückercup Season XI 6on6
1st BF2 ESL Infantery Ladder Germany 4on4
1st BF2 CB Euro Ladder 8on8
1st BF1942 CB Euro Ladder 8on8
1st BF2142 CB Euro Ladder 8on8
1st BF1942 CB Euro Ladder 4on4
1st BF2 PolyLan VIII 4on4 (1'000€)
1st BF2 CB ATF cup 8on8
1st BF2 ESL France demo cup 8on8 (100€)
1st BF2 EB2L Season 1, Group Alpha 8on8
1st BF2 EB2L Season 2, Group Alpha 8on8
1st BF2 Eliott-Ness EA FR WCG 2005 Qualifications 8on8
2nd BF5 BFN PC T6 Winter Brawl EUNA 6on6
2nd BF5 BFN PC T6 Spring Brawl EUNA 6on6
2nd BF5 ESB International 5v5 Squad Conquest - Test Cup #1
2nd COD4 Swiss iPower Games Qualifications 2008 Polymanga, Lausanne (750€)
2nd Crysis ESL Europe Instant Action Ladder 1on1
2nd ETQW PolyLan X 6on6 (1500€)
2nd BF2 Paris Lan Project 4 8on8 (600€)
2nd BF2 EPS Germany saison IX 8on8 (4'800€)
2nd BF2 Eurocup.XIII 8on8 (300€)
2nd BF2142 Opencup Fall 2006 8on8 (960€)
2nd BF2 Leaguez Master Cup 2on2 (100€)
2nd BF2 ESL Infantery Opening Cup 4on4
2nd BF1942 CB Wintercup 8on8
2nd BF1942 ATF cup2 DC France 8on8
2nd BF2 EB2L demo season BF2 8on8
2nd BF2 ESL Infantery Summer Cup 5on5
2nd BF2 Leaguez Ladder 1on1
3rd BF5 BSP Domination Tournament EU 6on6
3rd PUBG Finale petite Kococup #4 2021
3rd BF5 BSP Sunday Cup Domination 6on6
3rd Crysis Instant Action 1on1 Finals (60€)
3rd Crysis Beta Ladder 6on6
3rd PES08 PolyLan X (150€)
3rd BF2142 OpenCup Spring 2007 8on8
3rd BF5 BSP Fall League 6on6
4th BF2 Geeksnet Infantry Cup 5on5 (300€)
5th BF2142 EA Finland Whoop Ass Challenge 8on8 (800€)
5th BF2 CB Euro Inf Ladder 4on4
5th Css Polylan IX 5on5
7th BF2 ESL Conquest Nations Championship 8on8
10th Crysis ESL InAction 1on1 OpenCup 2008
10th PUBG Petite Kocorcup #3 2021
1/4 final BF42 CB InfanteryII Division 1 4on4
1/4 final BF42 CB InfanteryII Division 2 4on4
1/4 final BF42 CB Opencup Spring 2005 Premier League 8on8
1/8 final BF2 Small Teams Ladder 8on8
1/8 final BF2 SSV-Lehnitz Cup 8on8
1/8 final BF2 EuroCup.XII 8on8
1/16 final BF1942 Opencup Fall 2004 Premier League 8on8
Round #3 BF2 dignitas corsair cup 4on4
Round #6 BF2 World Tournament 8on8

almost 47'970€ prizes won

BF2 a-Losers.MSI is the 5th best clan all over the world year 2006 Bfgeeks classment:

July 2006 Classment
Battlefield 2 World Ranking:



#QCUP INTEL Crysis @ Surcouf Strasbourg with globalteam-esports 17/11/2007 (500€)
#interview on ClanBase 12/11/2007
#interview as Geek of The Week January 2007
#interviewed on
#interviewed on for EC.XIII BF2 Grand Final
#interviewed on Le Matin Bleu (a Swiss newspaper) after winning Coupe de France BF2142 (9 april 2007)
#interviewed on for iPower Games Packard Bell 2007
#in the "Matin Bleu" a Swiss newspaper after finishing second of the iPower games Packard Bell 2007 (07/08/2007)
#interviewed @, IPower games Packard Bell 2007 (Lisbon),

#invited to EuroCup.XII - BF2 - *aAa*
#invited to EuroCup.XIII - BF2 - cZar
#invited to EuroCup.XIV -BF2 - a-Losers.MSI

#Player of the Match - EC.XIII - pod vs cZar - upperbrackets final
#Player of the Match - EC.XIII - dignitas vs cZar - Grand Final
#BF2 September 2006 Clan of the month - a-Losers.MSI

#BF2142 Team-France selected by Electronic Arts
#subject for an article for Media Markt (a swiss market)
#EA Games "Inside BF Cups" night invite
#invited as BF expert for shootcasting Holland-Portugal, iPower Games Packard Bell 2007 (Lisboa)
#favorite team on at iPower Games Packard Bell 2007

#Crysis EA official beta test invite
#BF2142 EA beta test invite
#BF:Heroes beta test invite

Clan History:

BF1942 8on8 teams: L`Phx, JAG-AK, Certamen and Mirage
Inf teams: L`Phx, Figure.09, BuD/Cyanide

BF2 8on8 teams: CDD/*aAa*, qpool/dRagonality/HighFiDelity, cZar-Gaming and pod/a-Losers.MSI
Inf teams: Dark.Alliance, dRagonz.menten, G-blumen/cZar and pod/a-Losers.MSI

BF2142 8on8: globalteam-esports

Crysis: globalteam-esports/Epsilon

BF2142 Swiss Team Lan : Team-Swizerland.Packard Bell (aka Wanke)


BF2042: DAW