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06/06/19 15:47h   change_nationality  -> ch
10/06/19 11:28h   join_team  Staff ESL Global
10/06/19 11:30h   join_team  Staff ESL Switzerland
09/08/19 13:11h   register_team  The Incredible Four
13/08/19 18:51h   join_team  Staff Rainbow Six
03/11/19 10:47h ESL   team_kick  Staff Rainbow Six Siege / by Lukigi (12558660)
29/11/19 09:25h ESL   join_team  The Two Musketeers
01/12/19 11:58h ESL   register_team  Happy Little Accidents
06/12/19 15:10h ESL   join_team  Global Staff League of Legends