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# 3 17/02/16 12:15
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why do you have old auto spotting software?
Response of  Anonymousone: # 2 26/02/16 06:57
Because a maco auto spot is not forbidden in the other competition, a lot of competitive players of 8v8 using it as macro and not with a software and they are not spotted by esl wire.
And I'm not using it since a long time, but this software is linked to bf4 (register) when I launch BF4 even if this software is in sleep mode, esl wire spot me for this macro (and it's not a cheat). This is my bad, I forget to delete this stupid software maybe because I've stoped playing bf4 for a long time, and I completely forget this.
And there is a difference between callling someone hackers or cheater for a macro that it's just hitting "q key" like every 1 seconde, and a real cheater with a fucking wall hack or aimbot or worse.

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