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Name Steven 
Nick maXx1
Member since 29/07/02
Age / Gender 35 Years / male
Nationality  Germany
Territory, City Germany, Berlin  (10xxx)
Main team fresh'n active
Homepage --
2nd Place ESL DoD:S Liga Saison 9 Playoffs 1st Division / EnRo Griffins
1st Place ESL DOD:S Liga Saison 7 Playoffs 2nd Division / chickz`
3rd Place ESL DOD:S League Spring 2009 Open Playoffs Division 3 / chickz`
2nd Place H1ve DOD:S Winter Cup 2009 / chickz`
2nd Place ESL DOD:S Liga Saison 6 Playoffs 3rd Division / chickz`
Level & Awards
  2 Awards  
Day of Defeat: Source
Counter-Strike: Source
Operation 7
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