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The_Silence  id: 2570785
This player account is frozen and can not generate any 1on1 matches (challenge) or be generated (be challenged/Auto-challenger). Open 1on1 and 2on2 matches may be played, the player may however not compete in any other team matches. See below for details on the freeze.

Name Paul 
Nick The_Silence
Member since 28/06/07
Age / Gender - / male
Nationality  Germany
Country, City Germany, Kiel  (24xxx)
Occupation Handwerker
Employer / University / School Geselle
Main team --
~> Auch stille Wasser sind nass....
~> Die Guten sterben immer zuerst. Man muss sich schämen, dass man noch lebt.
~> Treffen sich 2 Cheater: [Cheater#1]: “Hey ich hab weiße Wände!Hihi!”[Cheater#2]: “Welche Wände?”
~>Ich campe doch nicht!! Pffff, Neeeiiiiin!! Ich warte hier bloß nur...hrhrhr  more...  
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Counter-Strike: Source
Blub Game
Left 4 Dead
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