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Giannis 'T-bag' Giannakopoulos  id: 2453674

Name Giannis Giannakopoulos
Nick T-bag
Member since 01/05/07
Age / Gender 37 Years / male
Nationality  Greece
Territory, City Greece, SALAMINA  (18xxx)
Occupation Millitary
Employer / University / School -
Main team --
T-bag was born in 1984. A few years later he started playing some very old games on his Amstrad 6128 cpc and Hercules pc. Now, around 14 years later, he is playing things like Counter-Strike: Source and Pro Evolution Soccer and he also tries to help the community as an admin of the ESL in the pro series of Gr Counter-Strike: Source.
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  8 Awards  
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Counter-Strike: Source
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