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Ricardo 'spetnaz' Vieira  id: 2447103

Name Ricardo Vieira
Nick spetnaz
Member since 28/04/07
Age / Gender 35 Years / male
Nationality  Portugal
Country Portugal
Main team Portuguese Rangers eSports Club
Americas Army 4 player since 2013
- PTranger Admin - Portuguese Rangers Americas Army Clan
- AAOPT Admin - Americas Army Portuguese Community
- TWL AA:PG EU Admin - TeamWarfare European Division Americas Army  more...  
Level & Awards
America's Army: Proving Grounds
America's Army: Operations
S.K.I.L.L. – Special Force 2
CoD4 MW (PC)
America's Army 3
Clubs  public
VS. Placements
Season 3 2017 (25/10/17 09:02)
This player doesn't have a VERSUS ranking in the current season.
Recent matches
  Americas Army: Proving Grounds Open Ladder 1on1 Objective Europe
loss Leketiskis  -27 Thursday, 28/05/15 12:00 3
win dragonfly  +22 Monday, 25/05/15 15:15 1
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