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Name yann 
Nick pAk
Member since 27/01/07
Age / Gender - / male
Nationality  France
Country France
Main team LanGamer of Nantes
Homepage --
Player since 2003 @ Css and 1.5
Anciennement #eL*, eX.GaminG, #wh.CsS, 2mS.cSs, IntenSiV.G, KWC, PhysX etc. Click on "plus" pour le détail de line-up.
NEXT EVENT : Any LAN, cherche bon mix/team.  more...  
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  1 Awards  
Counter-Strike: Source
Clubs  public
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  Counter-Strike: Source Fast Cup 1on1 AIM #3
loss inscape  0 Sunday, 27/03/11 09:00 3
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