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Claudio 'solu' Giovanniello  id: 1143193
Name Claudio Giovanniello
Nick solu
Member since 26/02/05
Age / Gender 34 Years / male
Territory Germany
Occupation Interactive Media Design
Main team The Last Resort CoD4 EPS
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"The Usain Bolt of CoD4" . "motivates his team like nobody else" . "He makes the most awkward clutches situations look easy!" . "Brilliant gamer, just epic" . "the smartest and most influencial smg" . "The gob b of call of duty" . "the most annoying smg to play against" . "CoD4's best aiming smg"
Level & Awards
  3 Awards  
CoD4 MW (PC)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Quake Live
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