Quick Rules

All games are to be played in First Person. Custom games created must have "Allow Third Person" set to "Disabled".

  • Champion: Terminus

  • Grohk's "Spirit's Domain" Talent
  • Bomb King's "Demolition" Talent

  • Banned Skins:
    Mastery Skins (Cosmic/Obsidian)
    Androxus "Huntsman" Skin
    Androxus "Fallen" Skin
    Bomb King "Love King" Skin
    Drogoz "DZ-03 Draco" Skin
    Drogoz "Samba" Weapon Skin
    Drogoz "Abyssal Lord" Skin
    Fernando "Enforcer" Skin
    Jenos "Soul Eater" Skin
    Ruckus "Robo" Skin
    Seris "Jade Priestess" Skin
    Zhin "Ebonstar" Skin
A use of one banned item might result in a team's disqualification.
Knowingly exploiting a bug will be an immediate disqualification as per the rules, and not reporting known bugs may result in punitive measures as listed in section 8 of the rules.

  • Platform: PC
  • Up to and including Quarter Final: Best of 1 (one)
  • Semi Final: Best of 3 (three)
  • Finals: Best of 3 (three)

Map Drafting: Maps will be banned and picked through the matchsheet with the automatic mapveto system. The team that has the higher seed starts and has first map pick. Each team bans a map, then the teams pick maps alternately from the remaining Map Pool to decide the order in which they will be played. The team that does not pick the map for a specific game has first champion pick in the game lobby.

New teams, please read cup guide here: Playing a cup

Before you start:
  • Create a party with five members in the Paladins Client
    • Press Play -> Challenge Match -> Two options: create a match or join to a room
    • Create: create a room share it with your opponent via ESL/in game chat
    • Join: contact with your opponent and with the right password you will be able to join and start the game when everyone is ready
    • Champion picking: Champion picking is done via "Competitive" game mode. When creating a custom game, please remember to use the "Competitive" pick mode, not "Casual".
    • Spectator mode must be enabled for all matches for the duration of the tournament.
    • Allow Third Person must be set disabled.


Go4Paladins Europe has a flexible prize structure depending on the amount of teams playing in each weekly cup. The detailed prize pool can be found here.
Place PointsPrizes*
Gold 1. 100 Points 150 EUR
Silver 2. 75 Points 75 EUR
Bronze 3. 60 Points 5x 800 crystals.png
Bronze 4. 40 Points 5x 400 crystals.png
Bronze 5.-8. 25 Points 5x 200 crystals.png
Bronze9.-16. 10 Points 5x 100 crystals.png
Bronze17.-32. 5 Points
Bronze33.-64. 2 Points
*Based on a full 32 team tournament bracket


discordicon2.pngLooking for your opponents or need help? Join ESL Paladins on Discord, use the ESL Play App to chat with your opponent or open a support ticket.

Match related issues must be handled via match protest

ESL Play App


Is this your first time? Here are the important steps:

  • Follow the instructions on the right to sign up
  • Get in contact with your opponent and play the match
  • Enter the result and ask your opponent to confirm

Still need help? Please contact support.