How To Play

Playing a cup

9. Tournament bracket and contacting your opponent

Once the Check in phase as well as the late sign up have finished, the tournament will start and with it the tournament bracket will be created. You will find it at the top in the menu "Bracket". The bracket shows your next opponent and also how many matches until the final match.

With the click on your opponents name you will be forwarded to the match info page. There you will find all necessary information regarding your match: estimated match date, profile of your opponent, match format and more.

Now you have to contact your opponent via official match chat on the site which can be easily found on the right side. This is needed in order to communicate the access details of the private match. Admins also may interact through this chat with the players.

10. Custom game creation/join proceduret

The team with the higher seed will always start the map veto (highest seed possible = 1). The seeding number of the respective team/player can be found as a small number in the first round of the bracket. The host selects "Play" and then "Custom Game".

The host selects "Add Players" and "Settings" where given cup rules will be applied

The teams communicates BattleTags to all match participants through the ESL Match Chat (found on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen).

11. Enter the Results

After the match has finished you need to enter the result by clicking on the "Enter Result" button in the widget on the right side.

Possible results in a Best-of-Three format are either 2:0 or 2:1. The result of a different Best-of-X will be entered corresponding to that.

If there are problems with your opponent or the match just contact the Admin via match comments,chat or support. Questions concerning the page or other questions are welcome to be asked on our Support page.