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Jvan 'Th3Drumm3r' Jordan  id: 8610128

Name Jvan Jordan
Nick Th3Drumm3r
Member since 07/09/14
Age / Gender 20 Years / male
Nationality  Switzerland
Country Switzerland
Occupation Supporter & project leader ERP & accounting
Employer / University / School OCOM AG
Main team Staff Global .Project CARS
No Support via TeamSpeak 3, Skype, Ingame, PM! -> Please use: Support
Admin: Staff Head of Switzerland
Admin: Rehab Specialist (Senior)
Admin: Forum Moderator
Level & Awards
World of Tanks
Blub Game
Project CARS (PC)
Clash Royale
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  Staff   Staff ESL Global 
Leagues & tournaments
Recent matches
  Project Cars
loss Daemon  Sunday, 19/08/18 05:52
  Clash Royale 1on1 Clash of Titans Ladder Global
win LILI  +27 Friday, 17/08/18 08:20
loss Ace  -12 Tuesday, 14/08/18 18:30
loss DippyNikki  Monday, 10/04/17 14:00
win Zapping Strike  Monday, 10/04/17 14:00
  Project CARS (PC) 1on1 Christmas Cup 2016 Global
loss Luigi Fumi  0 Friday, 30/12/16 13:00
  Th3Drumm3r's HTML Test Cup
win Busch  +2 Monday, 26/12/16 13:00
loss wAs  Wednesday, 27/07/16 15:00
win JulienDGaming  Wednesday, 27/07/16 14:40
loss Maxx  Wednesday, 27/07/16 14:20
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