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Name Vikings
Shorthandle -V-
Registered since 30/07/06
Headquarters  Europe
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Leagues & tournaments
    VRL Onward 2019 Europe Last Chance Qualifier 2.
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  VRL Onward 2019 Europe Closed Qualifier
loss   Silent Purge  0 Sunday, 26/05/19 14:00
wins   BossFight  + 2 Sunday, 26/05/19 13:00
loss   Beginners  0 Sunday, 26/05/19 12:00
  VRL Onward 2019 Europe Last Chance Qualifier
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 12/05/19 14:00
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 12/05/19 13:00
  VRL Onward 2019 Europe Last Chance Qualifier
wins   Silent Purge  + 2 Sunday, 05/05/19 13:00
  VRL Onward 2019 Europe Cup #6
loss   Beginners  0 Sunday, 28/04/19 15:00
wins   Silent Purge  0 Sunday, 28/04/19 14:30
loss   BossFight  0 Sunday, 28/04/19 14:00
wins   Phantoms  0 Sunday, 28/04/19 13:00

'Back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them.
In the halls of Valhalla
Where the brave may live forever..'
Vikings was founded at the start of season 4. Having cemented their place as a league-staple the team are now working to expand, improve and ultimately achieve a top tier outcome for season 6 and beyond.
Sitting somewhere between trad EU and NA, our play-style adapts to the situation; through trial and error we have developed strats that take advantage of the meta, giving us a competitive edge against even the most seasoned teams.
Like the Norsemen we believe in loyalty, friendship and hard work. War may have been ingrained into Viking culture but it was the bonds between brethren and deep social understanding which allowed them victory.
Our team consists of:
Spoilty - Glorious, respected and all-knowing leader (Team Captain)
Fungi - Shield-maiden & Inventor of the 'ProStick'
Mantis - Media guy (Co-Captain)
Gecko - Regular source of controversy (fan of pancakes)
ThirtyF1ve - TwentyE1ght / TreeFiddy
Nollic - Authentic fat viking
Nachtom - New guy
Cruorzy - Newnewguy
WE ARE LOOKING for active EU players with 100+ hours and/or league experience; as a friendly team with 5 active players we do not expect a massive time commitment, just someone to hop into scrims/league matches whenever possible!
If you want to apply please message Spoilty#4325 or Mantis#3689 on Discord!
#Top 3 in Season 4 Wildcard Tournament
#28 (World) #9 (Europe) Season 4
#20 (World) #7 (Europe) Season 5
#21 (World) #7 (Europe) Season 6