M Sport Nationals

ESL Nordic in collaboration with Motorola Sweden presents the M Sport Nationals 2017:

  • 3 cups each week, Monday, Thursday and Saturday for the whole of November
  • Monday: Hearthstone
  • Thursday: Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
  • Saturday: Modern Combat 5
  • One monthly final for each game on the 27th of November with 2 best from each game qualifying to Dreamhack Winter 2017
  • Each cup: Separate product prizes with Motorola phones and goodies!
  • Grand Final for each game will be played on stage in Dreamhack Winter 2017 on the 3rd of December

All tournaments require an ESL account, sign up here.

Upcoming Cups

How to participate

Participating in the M Sport Nationals is easy, just follow these basic rules and refer to each tournament page for more details:

1: Sign up for the tournament!
You can find the upcoming tournaments in the tournament list above. Please bear in mind these tournaments are open to Swedish players only.

2: Check-in
Secure your place by checking in to the tournaments 30 minutes before they start.

3: Missed check-in? Use late sign-up.
You can still sign-up for the tournaments 15 minutes before the start if you forgot to do it earlier. If the tournament is full, you won't get in anymore.

4: Read the rules
Before starting to play in our tournaments remember to read the rules in their entirety. This will ensure you don't get awkward losses just because you weren't aware of something.

5: Play!

  • Please refer to each game tournament specifically for detailed round instructions
  • Remember to join all relevant communication channels so you don't miss your opponent and can easily contact our admin staff.

Missing your opponent still?
Please open a support ticket here.

Have questions?
Read the "Support" sections of each individual tournament.








Prizes for offline final (per game)

Place Gains
medal_gold_3.png 1st 25.000SEK
medal_gold_3.png 2nd 10.000SEK

Past Cups

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Motorola is here to innovate, build and deliver the best mobile platform in the world. M Sport Nationals is our way of celebrating the world of gaming through our mobiles and the newly released Gamepad. Follow us here on ESL or on the links below for updates.