ESL Wire 1.0
From today ESL Wire 1.0 is free to download for everybody! ESL Wire is an instant messenger as well as a tool that simplifies playing on the ESL and combines a lot of very helpful functions. This includes Matchmedia Upload, a Screenshot Tool, integrated Aequitas, Buddy-, Lobby- and Teamchat as well as virtual LANs and Video Broadcasting.
Nearly two years have been spent in developing this program including a long orientation phase what Wire should be and what not included. Since the first version of the Open Beta last year a lot has happened. While a lot of users were lacking of reasons to use Wire, nowadays we already have many more users regularly using Wire. More than 10,000 users online per day and over 20% of all matchmedia being uploaded with Wire tells a story of real success.

ESL Wire features

  • Matchmedia Upload
    Automated upload for screenshots & replays
  • Screenshot Tool
    For all games without screenshot functionality
  • Integrated Aequitas
    Don't forget to start aequitas anymore
  • Buddy-, Lobby- und Teamchat
    Chat with your buddies or opponents
  • Virtual LAN
    Online gaming as easy as playing in a LAN
  • Video Broadcasting
    Video streaming live from you PC

What is ESL Wire?

The purpose ESL Wire is to do everything that the homepage cannot. This of course means that Wire is not the whole homepage in the form of a program. Wire can for example show your open matches and let you start your game for a match. When using Wire to take screenshots once your match has ended you can upload matchmedia straight away using the matchmedia upload tool. If your match requires Aequitas it will be started for you and included in the matchmedia upload. Wire is also able to create virtual networks to guarantee a better quality of the connection. With Wire you can also have your own video broadcast so your friends can watch you live while your playing. Last but not least course you are able to chat with your ESL Buddies, even if you are not logged in at the homepage.

At the same time as we release the first official version of ESL Wire we also build a great basis for a lot of following ideas we want to implement in Wire in the following months - everything with the aim to make playing at the ESL as comfortable as it possibly can be for you. Less to worry about, just play!

Statements from ESL Wire testers

<silios>ESL Wire really is great and makes it way more comfortable to manage all my matches.

<chillmaster>I have to admit - the automatically AEQ starting, the ingame options, converting the screenshots into .jpgs, zipping the files, etc... delicious. And the direct upload to the matchsheet, perfect :)

<asxx>Wire indeed has succeeded... you can really commend the developers for that.


Download the first official version of ESL Wire and test it! Wire is available as 32bit and 64bit version and and of course in many different languages:

Download ESL Wire

(32bit Version)

Enjoy it, we are looking forward to your feedback,

Your ESL Wire Development Team
3354138, Tuesday, 25/08/09 05:00
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nice :)
looking good. already got similar program in Israel.
should make things easier
Nice Nice !
Love Wire :)
downloaded. installed. deleted.

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go award.. :(
great work esl !
gj ;)
nice 1
nice ;) n1
awesome!!! thankies!
A quand la version française ?
Hey, How can I boradcast???
i cant start up wire. it always appears the msg: the program cant be initialised. click ok to shut down.

nice, wire goes autostart ;)
nice! and nice award :D
Finnaly :)
very cool program ^^
It's cool but I can't open my game ( CrossFire) :S why?
Number 1!
Nice esl wire
how to stream?
n1 :D
beta np - 1.0 started after 5min crash :]

More awards xD!
I have windows 7 and i have problem ...
When i download 32 bit version i have error "This version is not for Windows 7"
When i download 64 bit version i have other error when i start game "An error occured during initilization of the broadcast functionality ,please contact the ESL wire team ,Internal error 1:1 occured"
Pls help me ...
i cant log:|
nice :) gg ^^ ♥
ive no problem with windows7 64bit
Good Work <3 !
nice one !!!
does it work woth punkbuster in call of duty 4 or will you still get kicked with disallowed programm/driver?
it's great :)
is problem with cod4 is kick from server for disallowed programm/driver fix it
I couldn't make "search opponent" work, is it working?
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