ESL Wire: Open Beta starts today!
Now it's time for the ESL Wire open Beta! So far only a few chosen users had tried ESL Wire. Now (nearly) everybody can have a look at it! We present to you all the features with words, pictures and sounds as well as the ESL Wire Manual on its very own homepage. Sign in for the Open Beta now!
The next step in the ESL Wire Beta is not only meant to provide us with a larger of users the chance to see ESL Wire working but also to test the technical back end and performance use. So not every user will get access immediately. As soon as you register for the Open Beta you will be lined up in the queue for the next spot. When it's your turn to test ESL Wire, you will get an E-Mail with all the information you need and the link to download ESL Wire. At the moment only ESL Premium Members will have access to the beta. But of course ESL Wire will not be a premium only feature.

While the state of the current ESL Wire release is quite impressive, please remember that it is still in beta stage. We will add new and change the current features. We are looking forward to your feedback and reviews to make ESL Wire into what you would like it to be.

All information on ESL Wire at!

The features of ESL Wire:
Game Lobbies
Virtual Private Network
Create your VPN
Gather Integration
Games Detection
Buddy Management
Instant Messaging
Aequitas Integration

Soodi, Monday, 21/04/08 10:46
All Information on ESL Wire Beta
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I'm already subscribed but I can't download the program and I haven't received the email.

Please, help me ! :D
reading helps
#3 same problem ...

tells me : Error You are already subscribed.

WTF ???
You have to wait until you get the mail. :)
My Buddys havent Wire... Im only xD

I cant chat/check/test all... :'(
Hmm ... wow ... great thing, the possibility to chance the onlinestatus is not implemented o_O
Nice. Hopefully some will use this.
Nice! :)

Using this! ^^
Lucker!! Mailbox-empty :(((
good thing ...
n1ce work !!
Looking good :) Nice work :)
CoD4 Aequitas support?? ๏̯͡๏
I like this smile RedBull
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premium only :/
accept me ?? >.<
Seem's good
hallo wie gehts euch?
i like it, ad the msn tool fuction hmmmm :)
just for premium :( suckage
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Premium only?? i think it is a open Beta??
i got problem...i cant log in it says that my user or pass are wrong.. LOL
nice :)
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