Easy Gaming with the ESL Gaming Client!
eSport without boundaries: With the ESL Client this dream becomes reality! The tailor-made VPN-technology for gaming purposes provides best gaming conditions and will revolutionize international eSports. Specific features for gamers make gaming easier and enhance your gaming experience: fully integrated ESL Aequitas, gather-functionality and chats combine the advantages of several other gaming tools. The beta version is to start soon.
eSports as it is supposed to be: optimized conditions for every player, finding opponents everywhere, all important information directly on your screen and automatic transfer of all results. The ESL Gaming Client brings eSports to a new level! The project is in the works since the beginning of the year and closes in on its first public appearance rapidly.


The final version will feature a lot of great features that make your personal gaming experience even better:
    Optimized network connections in all games with VPN
    Full integration of ESL Aequitas
    Matchmaking organizes your ESL Matches simply and directly
    Automatic transfer of match results to the ESL homepage
    The screenshot manager makes your everyday gaming life easier
    Find and play gathers quickly and directly
    The newsreader: all ESL news and own RSS-Feeds at first sight
    Integrated Instant Messaging combines ICQ, MSN, Jabber and AIM
    Group-Chat for team-, clanmates and friends
    Create your own Plug-Ins
    Individual design with self made skins
There are even more interesting features in the making in collaboration with Intel. The Ad-hoc Gaming-Feature enables you to find other gamers that use the same WLAN-Hotspot every time and everywhere!

Users of Intel Multicore Processors can enjoy the ESL Client with better performance than ever before. Features like the VPN-connection or the screenshot compression are handled by one of the processors. The others ensure unclouded gaming pleasure.

The ESL Client with all of its features will be free of charge. Right now the project is run under the working title ESL Client. A proper name for the final version is yet to be found and will be announced shortly. An experienced team of programmers for applications was employed and is working intensely on the project.

Beta phase

The closed-beta stage will begin at the end of November and is divided into three stages. In stage 1 some international gaming-greats, amongst others, will particularly test the functionality of the VPN-feature. After this, the beta version will be tested by a small group of ESL users. Stage 3 will check the dynamic load with more and more users using the tool.
Thefly, Thursday, 11/10/07 12:03
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oh man ESEA der ESL^^
go go go...
WOW !!!

gogogo !
Jabber _und_ AIM?

gg ESL ;D
Sounds very very very good!
lets try it
Yuppi! ^^
nice to hear it :>
very nice, any way to get into the beta stage? i would like to work for the community for once if possible. :)
wow nice i hope it works goooood :D
sounds great! waiting for release :D
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heyho lets go ;)
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is it going to work with windows vista / mac os x and maybe linux x.org desktops?
nice nice and nice nice but a little nice
what about http://www.gatherway.net" target="_blank">GatherWay ??
sounds awesome :D cant wait :)
great work!
ready to test it ;)
nice :)

put in IRC too plz ;)
will ESL gui have it integrated?
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i hope there will be a linux client too
yes need linux client!!!!
WTF who is using Linux ???
sounds nice!
nice nice nice
very nice
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