Xbox One App Cups by Scuf Gaming
We are pleased to announce you the upcoming Xbox One App Cups in partnership with Scup Gaming! For every cup in Europe and North America, the winner will receive 50€/$ Scuf Gaming vouchers.
You want to play competitively your favorite game on Xbox One? Do not miss the upcoming ESL Xbox One App Cups: Dragon Ball Xenoverse, NHL 15, Madden NFL 15, IDARB and DoA5 LR.

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Cups Schedule

Start time
Sunday 17th
20:00 CEST
Sunday 17th
20:00 CEST
Madden NFL 15
Tuesday 19th
03:00 CEST
Dragon ball Xenoverse
Friday 22nd
20:00 CEST
NHL 15
Wednesday 27th
03:00 CEST

These cups can be played in the ESL Xbox One App

The ESL Xbox One App simplifies competitive gaming by allowing you to sign up for tournaments, add your opponents and fill out the result without having to get off your console. Go to the Xbox Live Marketplace and download the ESL Gaming App in order to view and sign up for these and our upcoming tournaments. Find out more information on the Xbox app right here

Check-in System

Phase 1 - Reservation (green)
Here you can reserve your place in the cup.

Phase 2 - Affirmation (yellow)
30 minutes before the cup starts, you have 10 minutes to confirm your participation, if you have done this, you will be in the Cup.

Phase 3 - Entry (red)
If you missed the Check-in or you didn't sign up at all, you can still sign up until the cup starts.

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Scuf Gaming supply you with controller for specific purposes. Every feature on a SCUF is designed to increase performance and match players’ reflexes – faster response times, improved accuracy and precision. The SCUF controller allows you to finally play at your full potential!

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